Horror films and chill #suicidegirls #sg

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[ f2f ] sammy/rachel - 8.27.16
  • SAMMY:[Samantha rolls over to nuzzle against the back of Rachel's neck. A few kisses are peppered against soft skin.] Mmmm, g'morning.
  • RACHEL:[ Only just four sunrises ago, Rachel woke up to an empty bed. An empty house. A heart that hurt. But those feelings are... Rachel wishes she could say they're long gone, but they're not. Not completely. But for now they're put away, boxed up and shelved. Because on this particular sunrise, every empty inch of her heart is filled with the warmth of the body pressed flush against hers. ]
  • The best of mornings. [ It's not a lie. ] How'd you sleep, sweetheart?