or that time when they had to play 7 minutes in heaven

At seventeen years old, Ellery regretted that she deemed herself “too old” to trick-or-treat and “too cool” to hand out candy to all the little kids who came to her door. She also regretted allowing Harry to pick out their costume this year, showing up to her door in red braces, cargo pants, and a fireman hat and holding a dalmatian onesie in his arms with a wicked grin on his face. 

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do you have like a sleeping gayly 101 post that introduces all the characters?

WE DO NOW because i am gonna write it

Jasmine d’Ivry

Our protagonist! She is the seventeen year old illegitimate daughter of a scholar (Reynaud) and a fairy (Naida). Reynaud is the scion of a relatively prosperous fabric merchant family who had no interest in merchanting, and a lot of interest in fairies. His wife (Margaret) handles most of the family business stuff, while he nerds out and writes his research. Naida is the Lake Fairy, and the one who used her blessing to change the curse on the princess from death to sleep.

Jasmine’s origins aren’t kept a secret at all, so while she has grown up well-loved in her family along with her siblings (Richard, who is older, + Agnes and Madeline who are much younger twins), she’s always been Aware of being an outsider. Her father, with his fondness (obsession) with fairies hasn’t helped that - he’s a very loving, but very larger than life figure, who has spent most of her life encouraging her to embrace the Weird Magic she has.

This was great for the first few years of her life, and she learnt a lot in that time! Until she started noticing the way people whispered behind her back, the fact that her brother was afraid of her, the white and dead things she left behind when she fucked up a spell. By the time she was a teenager, she was pretty much ignoring anything and everything magical about herself, helped along by a somewhat fraught relationship with her mother. Naida kept her distance, had a tendency to step out of random bodies of water without warning or send magical creatures to watch her, and was basically not a Normal Mum. Jasmine might not always agree with her father, but she definitely loves him. She doesn’t know how she feels about Naida.

She’s a huge fashion and clothing nerd. She likes dresses, although she has Opinions on trousers as well. She spins her own thread and weaves and embroiders, although she’s a lot better at the production aspects of fabric than she is at actually making them into clothes (this is how she meets her first girlfriend, incidentally - Bonne is a seamstress that Jasmine took lessons from). She helps her step mother out with keeping the accounts, and can often be found working in their shop, or accompanying Margaret on trips across Angevine and into Capet for trade.

She’s on the quiet side, personality wise. She thinks a lot more than she says, because she doesn’t want to say the wrong thing. She’s conscious of never quite fitting right in the world. She’s careful to remain even-tempered, but the right person (Anahera, her father) can push her too far. She’s definitely of the ‘i don’t want this thing that i have’ school of protagonists, and her journey is definitely about learning to accept the parts of herself she has been ignoring.

Anahera Cardonel

Our love interest! Anahera is the daughter of the Queen of Angevine (Eleanor) and the Prince Consort (Rawiri). Her mother is the third monarch to rule in her own right since the Angevins kicked the Capetian empire out of their country fifty years ago. Her father is the brother of a tribal chief from Te Wheke, an island nation to the south of Angvine. Their marriage was arranged as a symbol of a treaty between the two countries that bought them closer together, and strengthened their position against the Capetian empire. Their union was consequently blessed by the Fairy Queen (Oriane) at the time, who gave them the gift of loving each other. It’s exactly as creepy as you think it is.

Before Anahera was born, her mother gave aid to a group of renegade fairies who were intent on overthrowing the Fairy Queen in what was later termed the War of Thorns. As a sign of their gratitude, the fairies later blessed Anahera with all the usual shit, Oriane interrupted with a curse, and Naida did some minor editing. Anahera has thus grown up to be beautiful, charming, incapable of dying until the curse is fulfilled, and knowing that her life is probably going to come to an end in some fashion when she turns 18.

She’s a little reckless, is what I’m saying.

She’s also an only child, and there’s some suspicion that magic was involved in her conception in the first place, rumours that Eleanor flatly refuses to even acknowledge. So she’s grown up with every eye on her, and the pressure of being…a living legend and also her family’s only dynastic hope. She desperately wants to be a good queen, but the only model she has for that is her mother, and she doesn’t always agree with her mother’s model of politics (Eleanor has designs on her own empire :’|). So to sort of escape that pressure, she’s half convinced that she’ll never make it to that point anyway. The other half of her is stubborn is fuck, and that’s how she happens upon her plan of hunting down the Fairy Queen and killing her. After all, if she can’t be killed until the curse is fulfilled, doesn’t it make sense to make use of that??

She brings this up to her parents, and is promptly sent to Te Wheke for ‘diplomatic reasons’.

Henri de Paonfier

About eight years ago, Capet started to get a little antsy along the border. They insist it wasn’t a war, and Angevine, after fucking ruining them and taking one of their heirs as a political hostage, politely agreed with them.

Henri was nine at the time and probably shouldn’t have been near the border anyway, but his (much older) brother (Jean) had insisted he experience some real manly shit (he was n i n e), and here we are. Henri, though maintaining his fluency in Capetian, has not been home in nearly a decade. He bears a powerful resentment towards his brother for putting him in this position to begin with.

Which is not to say he hasn’t lived the life of a prince. Angevine has brought him up in the finest style alongside Anahera, and has allowed him to be educated (with certain historical tweaks) by Capetian tutors. Eleanor wants to be seen as powerful, but magnanimous at the same time. There’s a particular sort of humiliation that comes to Capet, with one of their children being a political hostage and them unable to even comment on what despots the Angevin rulers are. 

A part of any Capetian royal’s education is an understanding of magic, and Henri has taken to it particularly well. Human magic relies on drawing on the will and energy of any given person - you can’t take it from other people, or the environment - and Henri appears to have both of these in spades. He has taken on a sort of disaffected persona of not-caring about Agevine or Capet to cover the fact that he doesn’t…really remember his homeland, and is unsure of where his loyalties lie these days. The house of Cardonel has raised him like a son, and he loves Anahera like a - well, he loves her. His family has essentially abandoned him. It could be argued that his family is actually trying to keep him safe by not doing anything that might bring him to harm, but after nearly a decade away, Henri is not sure he believes that. He remember his brother and his parents as particular distant figures, unimpressed by his attempts at…well, most things.

He’s also not sure what happens when he comes of age and is no longer a child. Does he get to return to Capet? Will there even be a place for him there? Is Anahera worth staying in Angevine? Those all seem like really hard questions, so going on a death-defying mission to kill a fairy (whose magic Henri dislikes and distrusts as a matter of national pride, however difficult that concept is for him) seems like a way greater idea.

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hey erin. i was wondering if you happen to know the time frame between when alex met maggie in 203 to when maggie confesses her feelings for alex in 208? it seems like maggie and that bartender in the alien bar had a thing in 203. but then by 204, maggie was in a (committed?) relationship with her girlfriend.

well, I think the show is set where each new episode, a week has past or the episode spans over a week. There are a few instances where this isn’t the case, but from my observations… this is generally the case. There could even be more than a week that has past between episodes. There are only a few “time markers” in the show and they are pretty vague usually saying “the other day.”. The one time that there was a “time marker” was in 2x05 when Lena came to Kara’s apartment and was asking her to return the favor after she told her about the fight club, and then again she mentioned a “time” when there was a weekend party. 

2x05, Lena: “You remember, I told you about that stupid fight club last week?”
2x05, Lena:“L-Corp is hosting a party this weekend.”

That side comment by the ‘alien-ex’ was just a generic “you moved on quick” like it was just a snub, with no really “time marker”. This could be the first time the ‘ex alien girlfriend’ has seen Maggie with another girl and this was her chance to snub her. Maggie was probably dating her ‘ex human girlfriend’ for months, but never brought her into the alien bar so the ‘alien-ex’ never saw that Maggie was dating. She probably wanted to keep those parts of her life separate. 

So my estimates about how long Maggie and Alex have known each other and have gotten closer is about over a month (5ish weeks).