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Hi ghost! Im going to gush for a minute and say your metas make me so happy. Thank you so much for writing them. My question for you is: Do you think Annie is currently/will end up working with Paradis? And if so how do you think they'd initiate working with her given the not-so-excellent history? Also how do you think the remaining 104th and SC (and hitch) would handle it? I love Annie so much, I really want her to make it to the end!

Hi, thanks! It makes me happy to see you in my notifications. :)

It is one of my dearest wishes for canon to bring Annie over to the Paradis side. She knows how much Marley sucks, knows how much her compliance sucks, and doesn’t have high hopes for the rest of humanity in general. She’s not in this for anyone’s grand design. She’s a small boat in a giant river that’s going straight over a waterfall, and as far as she’s concerned, not capsizing is about as positive an outcome as she can get.

Waking up in Paradis, and being approached as an asset, rather than a traitor, throws her into an entirely different channel. With people she respects. Maybe even likes.

Realistically, the only way Zackly isn’t petitioning for someone to nom her 24/7 is if Annie proves herself useful as more than just the Female Titan. If she can’t do that, the only thing keeping her from getting nommed would be the kindness of all the friends she betrayed.

From her perspective, working with them keeps her alive, and keeps the dream of making it back to her father breathing.

From Paradis’ perspective, they have someone who can tell them about how modern day Marley functions, and they’ll want to pump every source of that knowledge for all they’re worth.

Annie has no love for Marley. She loves her father. War’s coming, and she’s been involved in enough to know what her odds are of ever seeing her father again if no one but her cares about him. Helping Paradis makes the most sense, and it isn’t like they’ll trust her enough to give her a seriously active role.

That’s the pragmatic approach. But I’d like to think that there’s room for her to sincerely defect. She does genuinely respect people fighting for a better world. She just doesn’t think the average person will ever be one of them, and lumps herself into that category.

And the reason for that is really very fascinating: Out of the Warrior Trio, Annie is the only one who still believes in her ability to make choices. Even when no good ones are available, she always thinks of herself as the driving force of what she’s done.

She’s the responsible party in her life.

That means that, unlike Reiner (who has been brainwashed into the damn ground) the fact that there are people whose ideals and fight she can appreciate opens the door to maybe, possibly, choosing to join them. Not because she has to or it’s the only option available, but because she wants to.

As for her interpersonal relationships… Eren might not be very nice to Reiner, but he’s grown into a very tired sympathy. And that’s with Reiner. Annie’s involvement in his nightmare was well enough in the shadows that he’s always had trouble just hating her.

She still slaughters a lot of soldiers.

A lot.

I wouldn’t expect Levi to forget that any time soon, and I’m sure the failure’s close to Hange’s mind as well. But they’re also professionals, and have a good idea of what their fate will be if they turn down help. They would make it work.

The rest of the 104th is tricky, because most of them aren’t shown having initial reactions to Annie’s true identity. Still, going by how their fights with Reiner and Bertolt trend, I think if they had the chance to not murder her, they would accept it pretty easily. Actually working with her might set off more pain than anyone’s really ready for, though.

Some of it depends on when she gets out of the crystal. If it’s a more recent thing, not only has everyone had more time to adjust to the world her actions have helped create, the people closest to her will have grown enough to realize that a fifteen-year-old is a child. Hating children doesn’t come as easily when you’re an adult.

Hitch, I have no idea on. Her most recent appearances have shown a lot of stress and few indications of how she’ll ultimately cope. I could see her throwing a punch and having a speech full of tears, but it’s all sort of vague.

Thanks for the ask! I hope Annie makes it, too.