So when I was first starting on magical girl neil, I looked around the internet to see if there were any other webcomics with a similar concept. That was when I found SGVY. I read a little bit of it, was like “Huh, neat” drew a couple pictures of Neil and Yuuki hanging out, and that was it. 

It was not till recently that I went back and found out that the first enemy they both face is a giant bull. Also, they both speak Japanese!

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while but I got a retail job which has sapped some of my time, but I’ll be in Sydney for SMASH!! It’s going to be August 9&10 and I’ll be sitting with KittyHawk, aka the artist behind SGVY!

I’ll have my two new Transistor prints, a new portal Print, some Gravity Falls stickers and prints, as well as my usual array of Dr. Horrible prints. As far as comics go I’ll have two mini-bat comics as well as FIVE different recipe comics!! Oh my! Get ready to make some yummy things!

Also I’ll be doing COMMISSIONS! So if you like my art style you should totally get something original done by me. It’ll be awesome.


“The Truth” from Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki by Kittyhawk

Sex: Male
Age: Uh, old
Affiliation: Who knows?
Job: God of Awesome (or so he says)
Likes: Smart Valkyries and confusion
Dislikes: Being chained to a rock under the earth with a snake dripping poison into his eyes 

Loki was a giant who was found by Odin and his brothers. Despite their hatred of giants, they thought he was awesome, so Odin made Loki a blood brother, thus making him one of the Aesir.

Currently Loki is chained under the earth with a snake dripping poison into his eyes because of the whole Balder incident. Loki’s whole take on the incident was the that “the little snot had it coming to him.” This defense didn’t help him.

Loki is able to project himself into the body of a stuffed white cat, so he is able once again wander Midgard. The knife he carries is for “little children and dogs that have the stones to pick [him] up.”

Loki really likes Yuuki. A good thing?
Steam Greenlight :: Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme

Hey guys. I just wanted to plug a game I am extreemly excited about, Gender Bender DNA Twister extreme. Back in February, I found this game on Indiegogo, and was very interested in it. Gender bending is something that really interests me, and seeing a Visual Novel based on that was unique and new. So I backed it.

They have been working on the game since, and have 2 characters done for us Beta Testers, and the third is coming out soon. they have 6 core characters, funded 2 extra’s from the campain, and got 5 more characters designed by the backers. one of them will be yours truely! Yeah I go nuts, but I always wanted to try writing out a story for an actual game, and this also lets me experiment what it would be like if SCIENCE turned me into a girl.

They just put their game on Steam Greenlight, and I hope all you guys check it out and upvote it, and Spread the word. Getting this game one steam would be so awesome! it’s very unique and explores a lot. And with 13 characters to play as, that is a hell of a lot for a Visual Novel

And before you guys think, “Oh genderbending, must be smut and porn” It isn’t. This game is going to have some comedy, but it will be seriously looking into what could happen if this happened, and is not just a reason to give men boobs. Seriously guys, it’s legit. They also have the writer and Artist of SGvY supporting the comic, and doing a special crossover with it!

So please, check it out, and Spread the word!

EDIT: I forgot to include the link to their Desura page. You can buy the game there too and play the alpha!


A transgender/gender-bend/whatever magical girl story… that’s actually about a trans girl. Who either gets a body she’s more comfortable with along with all the responsibilities and dangers of her new role… or only gets it when she’s fighting monsters and in mortal peril, depending if you want to go the “permanent” route (SGVY) or “Transform/Detransform” route (Magical Girl Neil, for one).