Gauntlet (Finale)
  • RUSH: Colonel.
  • (Everett nods to him, and he turns to Eli.)
  • RUSH: Mr. Wallace.
  • (Eli stares at him as he walks into the pod, shocked and moved by his respectful greeting. Nick turns to face the front and Eli presses the button to close the door. Nicholas clasps his hands in front of him and closes his eyes, the light changes inside the pod and the stasis takes hold. Outside, Everett turns to Eli.)
  • YOUNG: You're sure about this, right?
  • WALLACE: I've never been more sure of anything in my life.
  • (Smiling, he offers his hand to the colonel. Ignoring it, Everett reaches out and pulls him into a hug. They embrace for a long moment, then Everett steps back.)
  • YOUNG: You're a good man, Eli. You get this done. I'm gonna see you on the other side.
  • WALLACE (smiling): Right!
  • YOUNG: Right.
  • (He walks into his pod and Eli presses the button to close the door. They nod to each other one last time, and Everett's body goes into stasis. Eli walks slowly along the row of pods, gazing in at each of his friends and looking very alone.)
  • All around the ship, the lights begin to go out. All the rooms we have come to know so well - the Control Interface Room, the Infirmary, the Bridge, the Gateroom - slowly disappear into darkness as Destiny powers down in direct contrast to how we first saw her forty episodes ago when she awoke to receive her new arrivals. Out in the corridors, the lights go out on level after level until we reach the Observation Deck, where Eli Wallace is standing at the railing looking out at the F.T.L. vortex. He looks very young, very lonely and very afraid as he watches space rush past him. He stand there for some time, lost in thought, and then - perhaps inspired with some thought or idea, or simply because he has realised just what an amazing life he has had in the past months - he begins to smile. His smile becomes wider and he raises his head and gazes out into space with a look of new hope and optimism.
  • And as she flies away from us and disappears into the distance, Destiny continues her unending journey into deep space.