This was the day she was going to be meeting her new boss. Being thrown into the past of her own universe had been fine. She had met a wonderful man that had then fallen to his death while serving his country. True, she had had to deal with Tony’s dad, but Howard was a cake walk compared to his son.

This man however was a nightmare if what she had heard was true. He didn’t have Tony’s ego, but he had lost his wife. That could be worse than an inflated ego and she knew it. Her real father had suffered from both lose and an inflated ego. He was also the Norse God of Mischief and she was his youngest and only daughter.

Walking into the office she did not give the Scott a smile. Apparently that kind of thing set him off and she didn’t want to deal with more bullshit than she had too. “ Hello Dr. Rush, I’m Helaina Pots your new assistant. I hope we will get along, but I’m told your a hard one to get along with.”

Stargate speculation -- Earth from the outside

Do you ever feel that most alien species in the Stargate franchise must be freaked out by the Tau’ri? At least the ones who didn’t run headlong into a nice peaceful gate-team from earth and found out that the small furry animal they had backed into a corner was in fact a mongoose.

In under twenty years they went from not knowing how to operate a stargate to Do Not Fuck With The Culture.

That’s got to be terrifying on so many levels. If you’re a member of an alien species who has wisely decided to sit back and let the other guys go first … then the Tau’ri, who aren’t that physical imposing and seem only so-so with their technology, wipe the floor with anyone and everyone who decides to pick a fight with them, you might wind up deciding not to start anything.

Because 5000 years ago they chased the Go’auld off their planet using bronze swords and spears, and today the Asgard left them all their technology and they’re throwing black holes at their enemies. Maybe you should go sit over there and not cause trouble.


“Look, this is just one of a thousand galaxies on Destiny’s path and I think you’ll agree it’s turned out to be something of a hostile environment. […] So, we skip it. One continuous FTL-jump, out and around the length of this galaxy, across the gap to the next one until we reach the first gate on the other side.”

“Well, how long’s that gonna take?”

“[…] Three years, give or take.”

- May 9, 2011