The Universe is vast, but British Columbia is small

Stargate speculation -- Earth from the outside

Do you ever feel that most alien species in the Stargate franchise must be freaked out by the Tau’ri? At least the ones who didn’t run headlong into a nice peaceful gate-team from earth and found out that the small furry animal they had backed into a corner was in fact a mongoose.

In under twenty years they went from not knowing how to operate a stargate to Do Not Fuck With The Culture.

That’s got to be terrifying on so many levels. If you’re a member of an alien species who has wisely decided to sit back and let the other guys go first … then the Tau’ri, who aren’t that physical imposing and seem only so-so with their technology, wipe the floor with anyone and everyone who decides to pick a fight with them, you might wind up deciding not to start anything.

Because 5000 years ago they chased the Go’auld off their planet using bronze swords and spears, and today the Asgard left them all their technology and they’re throwing black holes at their enemies. Maybe you should go sit over there and not cause trouble.