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Stargate speculation -- Earth from the outside

Do you ever feel that most alien species in the Stargate franchise must be freaked out by the Tau’ri? At least the ones who didn’t run headlong into a nice peaceful gate-team from earth and found out that the small furry animal they had backed into a corner was in fact a mongoose.

In under twenty years they went from not knowing how to operate a stargate to Do Not Fuck With The Culture.

That’s got to be terrifying on so many levels. If you’re a member of an alien species who has wisely decided to sit back and let the other guys go first … then the Tau’ri, who aren’t that physical imposing and seem only so-so with their technology, wipe the floor with anyone and everyone who decides to pick a fight with them, you might wind up deciding not to start anything.

Because 5000 years ago they chased the Go’auld off their planet using bronze swords and spears, and today the Asgard left them all their technology and they’re throwing black holes at their enemies. Maybe you should go sit over there and not cause trouble.

ladytharen  asked:

I have never seen any stargate shows. what ones should I watch, in what order, and what should I know going in?

Ooh! :D Well, chronologically, the 1994 movie Stargate is the beginning. The events of the show Stargate SG1 happen a year or so after the movie, and the TV show sort of continues the story started in the movie. That said, there are only a couple of characters from the movie in the TV show as regulars, and they’re played by different actors and the characters are pretty different. And the show really just uses the movie plot as a jumping-off point; the show pretty quickly follows its own path. I love both the movie and the show, but I tend to think of them as alternate universes. Still, the movie does lay the groundwork. So if you haven’t seen it, you might want to watch that first.

After that, Stargate SG1! It sets up how the Stargate Program comes into existence, and you get to watch the team go on lots of weird adventures and be dorks and become each other’s family.

Stargate Atlantis starts at the same time as S8 of SG1. There’s a spreadsheet somewhere out there (oh, this post links to it) That puts all the episodes of SG1 and SGA in chronological order, if you’re into watching like that. I personally just watched all of SG1, and then all of SGA.

Stargate Universe was only on for two seasons, and it was cancelled after a cliffhanger, which a lot of people are still very upset about, understandably. I’ve never watched SGU myself, so you’ll have to talk to someone else to get more information about it, but it all happens after SG1 and SGA.

There’s an excellent post by @demigodofhoolemere about the Stargate shows here, which has lots of fun gifs that I am too tired to hunt down right now. :)

And a couple of informative slideshows: this one by @theresoneicouldcallking and this one by @deanwincherter.

There is some amount of sexism on the show, though I think it was better than a lot of shows were in 1997, and there are some rough episodes early on but it gets better. (Amanda Tapping, the actor goddess who plays Sam Carter, famously discussed some of her dialogue in the pilot and how she went to the writers after the show got picked up and was like, “Don’t try to write me as the woman. Just write the dialogue, and I’ll say it, and because I’m a woman it’ll be what a woman says.” There’s a reason she’s known as the Grand Empress of Sci Fi, bless her forever.) There’s also some gross stuff around race and colonialism that isn’t ever really addressed in any kind of self-aware way. The Stargate writers suuuuuuuucked at writing healthy romantic relationships, so don’t expect too much in that area. (But there’s a TON of good and thoughtful fic, for any and every ship you can imagine, and gen fic as well.) And you know, lovely late-90s hair, fashion, and makeup. :) So be aware of that stuff going in. But the show is definitely still worth it despite the flaws!

Now, go forth, and fall (or get shoved) into the wormhole!

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