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Doctor Who Companion Name Etymologies - Part 2/4

DISCLAIMER: Companions are referred to by their first names here, even if usually referred to by their surnames or another title in series. Nicknames that are short forms of names are used, nicknames that are not a form of the name are not. A good number of the names here are probably not at all what the creators were thinking - they just made up a name, and it coincidentally resembled a real one. Only one name I could not find any real world equivalent of. If a name is officially a short form of a name I cannot find any evidence of being used, but resembles a more common name, I will use the latter. Companions whose names are English words are on the list, companions whose names are puns on English words are not. Companions are ordered as chronologically as possible, but for non-regular companions that's more difficult, and so they are decided according to my judgement. Basically it's all kind of arbitrary but if you don't like it make your own photoset.
Come [The Android Invasion], of course, and John [Levene] not only had to play himself and an android version of Benton - he also had to shoot the Doctor. Barry [Letts] was so relaxed about this scene it quite threw John.
‘There’s no dialogue, just say what comes naturally,’ Barry said.
This absolutely froze John into total traction. Ad-libbing? That was for other people, not him. So he came over to me and said, 'Lis, what am I going to do?’
'Just say whatever you feel, I don’t want to put words into your mouth,’ I told him.
'OK, OK,’ he said. 'I’ve got it.’
So we began rehearsal then went for action. As per the script, Tom [Baker] got shot. John looked at his gun and said, 'Shit, I’ve shot the Doctor!’
—  Elisabeth Sladen: The Autobiography