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The Kind Of Women The Inglorious Bastards Would Fall For...Part 1

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•Lt. Aldo Raine - A Southerner. The second he hears that sweet Southern accent of yours, he’s hooked. He likes a woman who is as straight forward as he is, she has to speak her mind and not hold back. Another thing he will love about you is the fact you like to go out and do outdoorsy things with him like camping and occasionally hunting.

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Sgt. Danny Donowitz - An Independent Woman - This big hunk of a man will definitely fall for a woman who is strong and independent. He likes knowing that in case he’s not around, you’re more than capable to take care of yourself. If you like baseball, that’s another bonus in his book. In front of the guys, he’s the boss, at home you’re the boss of everything.

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•Lt. Archie Hicox - An Artistic Woman. He will fall for you quicker than you can say Gone With The Wind when he sees that you love the cinematic theater as much as he does. He will never admit to anyone that you are better than him at acting, even when you had to save him a couple times when his inaccurate acting techniques threatened to blow his cover a few times.

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•Fredrick Zoller -Hard to Get. He likes the hard to get kind of woman. He likes to work for everything that he gets, so it will be no different in trying to get your attention. When you turn him down, he will do everything in his power to get your acceptance and love. He would even go as far as transferring your favorite films to your favorite theater to get you like him. Just don’t play too hard to get, because it could possibly end in disastrous results.

To be continued…


“Hear that? That’s Sgt. Donny Donowitz. But you might know him better by his nickname: The Bear Jew…  He bashes (Nazis) brains in with a baseball bat is what he does. Now, Werner, I’m gonna ask you one more goddamn time, and if you still ‘respectfully refuse,’ I’m callin’ the Bear Jew over here, and he’s gonna take that big-ole bat of his, and he’s gonna beat you to death with it. Now take your wiener schnitzel-lickin’ finger and point out on this map what I want to know.”

Inglourious Basterds (2009)