sgt peppers lonely hearts club band

sgt pepper explained
  • sgt pepper:the beatles are having an identity crisis
  • a little help from my friends:ringo wants drugs (and the boys got him)
  • lucy in the sky:the john lennon equivalent of hanging his son's drawing on the fridge
  • getting better:wtf yeah i guess it is
  • fixing a hole:paul has chores
  • she's leaving home:paul john and george martin's lonely hearts club band
  • for the benefit of mr kite:scary circus (normal circus)
  • within you without you:george and george martin's lonely hearts club band
  • when i'm 64:things we said today but with grandchildren on yerr knee
  • lovely rita:faul's thirsty for the lady who killed paul
  • good morning:john went for a walk today (oh boy)
  • sgt pepper reprise:the beatles try to convince us once again that it's not them but they're gonna have to try harder than that
  • a day in the life:was george even here
Sgt. Pepper Songs for the Signs

Aries: Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite
Taurus: Good Morning Good Morning
Gemini: With a Little Help from My Friends
Cancer: When I’m Sixty-Four
Leo: Within You Without You
Virgo: She’s Leaving Home
Libra: Lovely Rita
Scorpio: A Day in the Life
Sagittarius: Getting Better
Capricorn: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Aquarius: Fixing a Hole
Pisces: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds