Imagine Your Otp Once Again

Person A and B just did the (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and are going to sleep and Person B starts talking to themself like “ ‘Hey B nice job tonight’ 'Thanks me, I know, I’ve been practicing’ 'I especially like that one move you made’ 'oh please you’re too kind’ ” and they think A can’t hear them because they’re asleep but oh no A is very much awake and needs saving


fairy-butt  asked:

omg i just saw your fandom post and im scREAMIN I LOVE SGT FROG , CAN U IMAGINE A OSO/SGT FROG CROSSOVER

I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THAT FOR A WHILE TBH?? Particularly how Giroro and Choro are super similar and how Oso and Keroro are similar too despite being reversed colour scheme wise.

and now you’ve given me an excuse to draw it so HERE I GO.

aand a little bonus…


I saw @nyublackneko post about this crossover, and I love it!!!
Both Undertale and Keroro!
They use to be the anime I had to wake up early on weekends to watch!
I especially love Corporal Giroro! And also Undyne is the first character I like from undertale >///<
They perfectly match!! I love those pair you made! I bet they’re gonna be best buddies!