sgt evans



In 1963, the first Beatles album was completed in a day. Four years on, sessions now ran through the night into the early hours. A song might start with only a basic melody so copious studio time was spent on building up the arrangements and rehearsing and recording a basic track, slowing or speeding up the tape or playing it backwards, adding parts as they went along. Session musicians were brought in to augment the track where necessary. John listens intently to a playback and watches with Paul while George makes a point. In retrospect, ‘Sgt Pepper’ could be seen as the last unified Beatles project where all four were working towards and co-operating on a common purpose. George’s main contribution was the philosophical ‘Within You Without You’ and he is seen working through the arrangement on a harmonium watched by visiting Indian musician, Amiya Dasgupta, erroneously identified in ‘The Beatles Book’ as Ravi Shankar’s brother. Other visitors to the session included Sean O’Mahony (talking to Mal) and Dick James (seen behind George Martin). - From ‘Looking Through You’.  

Scanned by @thebeatlesforlife :)