sgt anous

smoshydonuts  asked:

Please please please write some more Ianthony headcanons??? :D

Sure, why not? :D

Ianthony headcanons for all your headcanon needs!

There are no specific themes to these!

  • Anthony usually lets Ian go to bed first just to see if he will talk in his sleep again. He wants to get him on camera so he can post it to Snachat for a quick giggle.
  • Whenever Anthony gets a smoothie or something, he’ll sometimes drink half of it and give the other half to Ian because he isn’t able to drink the whole thing by himself.
  • When cuddling, Anthony will go as far as to hold his breath just to hear Ian’s breath cutely whistle through his nose.
  • Ian always feels the need to kiss Anthony’s cheek before leaving the house.
  • While at the gym, Ian will sometimes playfully tickle Anthony while he’s working out because he got jealous that Anthony could lift more than he could. Anthony’s revenge is usually a hard pinch on the ass while Ian is running.
  • One of Anthony’s most favorite things about Ian is his ability to make him laugh uncontrollably by doing something as simple as saying a line in a weird voice. Ian usually uses this talent to make Anthony laugh whenever they’re arguing which Anthony finds it annoying whenever he’s angry, but cannot deny that he loves his little dork.
  • Anthony is very possessive over Ian. Yes, he is a grown man and can take care of himself, but because Ian is a much smaller man compared to himself and to the average American male, he feels like Ian is this smol child that he must protect at all times. Ian finds this overbearing sometimes, but always feels protected whenever Anthony is around.
  • Anthony thinks that Ian is sexy when he plays as SGT. Anous. Ian knows this and likes to tease Anthony by whispering dirty things in his ear and swaying his hips when he walks.
  • Anthony tends to have really bad insomnia at night because his mind likes to wonder and worry about things right before bed. Ian helps lull him to sleep by pulling him close and hugging him tightly, combing his fingers through his hair and whispering: “Everything will be okay, baby. Get some rest.”
  • When napping on set, they always sleep in the same position. Anthony laying on his back while Ian lays his head on Anthony’s chest. They could sleep like that for hours, but are usually disturbed after an hour or so to finish filming.

I hope these are okay for you, sweetie! :D