sgrub fusion


You lay on the floor to bleed a lot. Might as well limit the amount of area to clean up, not that it matters much. Everything in this room is blue, a little more won’t hurt.

That sounds nice. Once you’ve determined that you’ve stopped bleeding long enough to be safe, you head out to Pehrik’s tower. Sure, he isn’t awake, but it’s always nice to see a furrendly face.

You’ve been meaning to get rid of this book anyway. It’s one of your least favorites, yet Dark Srikos loves it to bits. No accounting for taste, you suppose.

Hello old friend. It’s been a while. Let’s see, wasn’t there a cute nickname she liked?

You are now an enamored Carove. You are examining one of your most prized possessions after a few practice rounds of explosives practice. Nothing lifts your spirits like hearing your clicks echo through the many cracks and openings of a good skull and there’s next to no topping an ANCIENT MOTHER GRUB SKULL.

Tomorrow I head to Washington for my annual vacation with my aunt and uncle. It’s lovely up there with lush green forests and rocky beaches to travel over. However technology is not as encompassing as the forests. There’s a 90% chance I will be without a scanner for two weeks.

I have an update almost ready for the main adventure and two asks scanned in, so this won’t be a complete dry period. If push comes to shove I can take pictures of the sketches with the digital camera and work from those, but I would prefer not to. We shall see.

He can’t. It’s one thing to see the body of a fallen ally, it’s another to see his possessions. Somehow that brings out more of a reaction, like a long lost memory. These glasses meant something to someone. It is his duty to honor him like you have with those you have found before

The eye-wear is stored away in Ervinn’s BRIBE MODUS. It’s all in all a reliable way to store things. It’s taking them out that can be a hassle…

Right, wipe your tears love. The hive is right there. Just go in and…

…the hell is going on here?

CONSIS: He 2ound2 Liike A Real Treat From What IIve Heard

CONSIS: A Magiiciian And Prank2ter Ye2



CONSIS: He2 2cared

CONSIS: He Ju2t Realiized What Happened II Thiin-

CONSIS: Oh Erviinn

CONSIS: Plea2e Forget What You Heard

Dealing with some last minutes not so pleasantries.

Good idea! You are pretty hungry at the moment.

You walk out of your cave with a happy song on your lips and a skip in your step. The jungle is now your playground with infinite pawsibilities.

You come across a clearing with an adult deer in it! How convenient! You crouch down into the tall grass and prepare to pounce.

Sorry Faline. Nothing personal. It was just a bad day to be you.

Tasty! You’ll leave the rest for mom out there.

You would do that, but the place is bigger the deeper you go. Very easy to get lost and such. Besides, you’re waiting for someone important. You will keep that in mind for later.

Crying… when was the last time you did that? It’s been sweeps at the very least. An emotional response to certain stimuli including and not limited to scraped knees, bruised elbows, cut onions, knowing that your beloved doesn’t feel the same, frustration over inability to complete simple tasks, contemplation of possible post-death existence, the knowledge that your friends would be better off without you, excessive stress, uncontrollable laughter, broken limbs and so on.

There’s no need for such primitive things. You deserve to suffer in silence. Why give in and reveal such an vulnerable state? You’ll only get hurt again. Cold logic has served you well ever since that long ago day.

As long as you don’t feel a thing…

You have guests to attend to.

Hate? How can you hate Ervinn? Sure he’s awkward and a little unaware when he’s struck a chord, but that’s nothing to get upset about. He’s a good person who needs someone to encourage the better sides of him. Could that person be-






You don’t know how you feel about Ervinn… but his hand is a warm fit.

Excuse him, he needs to go to the cave where the pelts are kept. Now.

She’s been on land for ten minutes.

Your name is GLAUCI VANTAS. This is the first time you’ve ever been on land and your legs are next to worthless. You are trying to find the cave systems that Pehrik specified, but that is proving to be more than a little difficult. You just hope…





Why would Srikos do that? This is hardly the first time she’s woken up on Finvul. Although the first time was less than ideal, she has become rather comfortable with the abnormalities of this singular, blue, dead moon. Srikos ignores her other self for now and takes a look around the room.

The dream room is fairly spacious compared to her work station. The bed, barely made for two she notes, appears to be some sort of attempt at class with the canopies, but failed to set them up correctly. The windows have similar decor as the bed does and an array of plants cover the sills. The full bookcase is a nice touch and detail lore that even the most old and tattered of tomes in the waking world would never dare to acknowledge. They speak of heroes from the past and their exploits… up to a point.

Many of the books lack an end of any sort, they just stop. She has learned much about the legends, the heroes that broke the world, the tragic sisters, and about the twin moons. The twin moons have an elaborate history behind them, with a one sided battle for control over the heaven’s destruction, the general that united the armies of the battle field only to wallow in defeat, and a queen’s noble attempt to save her people only to be doomed by some bitch angry about a hat.

Conversely, Finvul is not mentioned in a single book. Not even a cliff note. This is both fascinating and irritating and baffling all at once. Sure, there’s no army or any sort of populace on this icy rock, but why ignore it all together? The only information Srikos has on this place is what she’s gathered from living here which is basically a frozen empty rock.

Scratch that, a frozen, empty, blue rock. Lots and lots of B100. Fitting for her caste, but more than a little overbearing and unsettling when plastered all over the wall.

SRIKOS: Heeeeeeeey! It’s rude to ignore a lady.

SRIKOS: D –> I can hardly call you a lady

SRIKOS: It’s 8een so long since you’ve talked to me. It’s not healthy to ignore your other self and you know it.

SRIKOS: D –> Forgive me if I find you hard to speak with.

SRIKOS: D –> I can only handle so much tomf001ery in my life.

SRIKOS: Gee, at least pretend to 8e happy for once.

SRIKOS: You are such a draaaaaaaag.

SRIKOS: D –> Don’t

SRIKOS: D –> Roll your letters around me

SRIKOS: D –> I know it’s a part of your quirk and naturally hard to resist

SRIKOS: D –> But please don’t

SRIKOS: Whyyyyyyyy?

SRIKOS: D –> You know very well

SRIKOS: D –> We are the same person

SRIKOS: D –> You are me

SRIKOS: D –> And I am you

SRIKOS: D –> So please stop this at once


SRIKOS: T8uchy.

SRIKOS: D –> Speaking of which

SRIKOS: D –> Could we add a no touching clause to our agreement

SRIKOS: D –> That would be nice

SRIKOS: I know you 8n’t that cold.

SRIKOS: You want to 8e touched and cherished.

SRIKOS: I can help with that……..

SRIKOS: :::;)

SRIKOS:  D –> E%cuse me

SRIKOS:  D –> I must leave posthaste

The skull of course! You see any other hot bitches around here?

Why, dearest Mother Grub. It appears the echo lost in your eye has caught the back most chamber near the occipital bone. The sweet poetry almost makes a girl forget how some horrible monster must have torn your head clean off during what must have been a desperate attempt for food. It is a good omen for illicit lovers. Could you imagine the scandal if anyone found out? It is a secret EVERYONE must  know.

But worry not. Your heart has long stopped pumping the gem-like hues of long ago. You have been given a new life, erm, death. You can be taught the ways of the class you were never meant for. No one is beyond learning something new.

Be grateful, dearest Mother Grub. For the first time in your meaningless death you have met a woman with true compassion.

And just what do you think YOU’RE looking at??? Keep your small, batty judgment to yourself. As if your own record is so spotless! Don’t forget who found you wooing musclebeasts! OH COME ON, MOM I’M HAVING A MOMENT!! JUST GO AWAAAAAAAAY!!!

You attempt to throw a shoe at B4TM0M, but you miss horribly.