SGROPPINO - a slushy combination of lemon sorbet, vodka, and prosecco, is common in Italy as a palate cleanser, a dessert, or a pre-dinner drink. 

⅓ cup lemon sorbet ~ 3 oz. prosecco ~ 1 oz. vodka

In a stainless steel bowl or cocktail shaker, whisk together the sorbet and a splash of the prosecco until fully incorporated. While whisking, slowly pour in the vodka and then the remainder of the prosecco. Serve in a martini glass or coupe.

This cocktail goes by many names, but best known by it’s Italian name Sgroppino. Whether served as a dessert or cocktail this will be with out a doubt a hit at dinner party’s or cocktail soirée. It’s main ingredients being prosecco, vodka and sorbet ice cream - this spectacular drink will cool you down in the summer and warm you up in the winter. #testinoevents #catering #staffing #events #NYC #hamptons #miami #spring #arriving #Sgroppino #delicious #amazing (at Like - Tag a friend)

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This Sgroppino al Limone is a refreshing summer drink from Venice, Italy. What could be more refreshing on a summers day than the tart flavors of lemon.

This is the closest recipe to what the restaurant served on our tour.  The man that makes the sgroppino said that to get the smooth, frothy consistency is to add the vodka slowly, like adding oil to eggs when you make mayonnaise, constant stirring.

Sgroppino al Limone - Frothy Lemon Sorbetto Recipe

Recipe Type: Beverage and Cocktails, Ice Cream
Cuisine: Italian
Yields: 4 servings
Prep time: 10 min


2 cups (16 ounces) good-quality lemon sorbet, softened
2 tablespoons vodka
1/3 cup sparkling wine or Italian Prosecco wine, chilled
Zest of one lemon


Chill 4 champagne flutes.

In a bowl, whisk lemon ice cream until smooth.

Gradually whisk (do not use a blender) in the vodka and sparkling wine or Prosecco. Don’t whisk too much or it will become too liquid. You must whisk the sparkling wine in by hand because a machine will melt the ingredients. You don’t want it too thick, but you don’t want it real thin, either.

Pour mixture into a pitcher and serve immediately in chilled champagne flutes, tall glasses, or goblets.

Sprinkle lemon zest on top. Serve with small spoons.

NOTE: The drinks will separate if left standing.

Makes 4 servings.

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