This was what our game looked liked for the game jam! The theme was a heart beat so we created a game that was about managing a steampunk heart! similar to a tamigochi! :D Anyway I modelled the steampunk heart and I am amazed at how well it turned out! I ,not only managed to create an animating model but the mechanical heart works perfectly! :D Definetly going into my Portfolio! :D 

Getting back on track (January 2013)

I’ve enjoyed a dangerously long break but participating in the Scottish Game Jam ‘12 (and the Global Game Jam '13) has highlighted how important it is that I keep on top of my work.

The SGJ13 entry wasn’t award winning, but with the help of an artist we were able to produce a rather nifty looking project. I had to invest in more maths however to get a deceivingly simple feature into the demo. This drove my determination to overcome the problems in my honours project.

It won’t be easy getting back on top of things when there are so many issues to iron out. But I’ll have to take them out one by one.

Gamejam 2013-Complete!

This year was, by far, the best one! :P Not only was it absolutely hilarious but I produced my first work for a 3d game, and it looked pretty damn badass! :D I also enjoyed that I got to have a good laugh with the guys from the games course in my year since we don’t have an classes with them anymore because of honours. I also turned 22 on friday as well so it was a good birthday making games and being silly due to having ¾ hours sleep the whole weekend! Can’t wait to do it again next year! :D