mermaid au

When Kibum is 19, he becomes the guardian of one three-month-old Taemin. The baby is cute - he has sea-foam green scales with the stray golden scale here and there. He bonds with Kibum quickly, clinging to his chest and snuggling his face into Kibum’s neck. Taemin especially likes to run his little hands over Kibum’s pink scales, blowing little bubbles whenever his fingers run over a scale that’s a little lighter than the rest.

When Taemin gets a little older, Kibum starts taking him closer to the shore. The two of them bask in the sun, wading in the warmer waters of the shallows during the colder months. Taemin likes to splash in the shallows, but he always squeaks and swims back to Kibum whenever he sees a crab - even if it’s a teeny-tiny sand crab. Kibum can only ever laugh and cradle Taemin close to his chest and reassure him that everything is alright.

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