(∩▂∩) What on earth was that Jinki?

hehehe…Jjong’s reaction

shinee world 2016 (kobe, day iii) ♡ 160214

jonghyun: onew wore my pants while minho wore my jacket, right?
taemin: onew’s sweat …
minho: yesterday, i wore your jacket! but (points to the sleeves) …, it was a little short. they / you’re tiny …, that’s too bad.
taemin: short! short!
minho: it was tiny …
onew: tiny …
jonghyun: you’re all cruel. (source: keihissi (i / ii) via aionee_51 / ririshineeminho) (do not edit, repost or screencap. please ask permission directly from the translator first before you post elsewhere and, after doing so, keep full credits (including the op credits) and translation notes intact.)