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If, as Buddhism teaches, “all is in flux, and there is no permanence,” how do we cope with the world around us? Do we flee from it? Do we merely resign ourselves to the fleeting nature of life? Or do we challenge it? In fact, an appreciation of the constantly changing nature of all things is the key to happiness, for it means that no matter how bad a situation is, it will change. No misfortune is permanent; no misfortune insurmountable.
—  Daisaku Ikeda, my mentor in faith.
Buddhist practice exists not only so we can become happy but also so that we can lead others to do the same. Practice for self and others, then, is like two wheels on a cart. If we want to make progress, both wheels should roll together in harmony. When we give hope and encouragement to others, we ourselves also grow, so though we speak of practice for others, it is we ourselves who ultimately benefit.
—  Nichiren Daishonin - Sharing Buddhism,
From ‘The Quotable Nichiren’ pg 188

North East London HQ March 16th Youth Day/ Kosen Rufu Day banner.

It was a brilliant day. I was Lilac Chief (Byakuren Chief) which is always fun/challenging.

Can’t tell you how many people we had but I can show you the shoes. Last year we had a lot of Youth Division, this year we had more Mimosa’s, Young Eagles and babies, babies of the Youth Division actually. So it was a real celebration of the future generations.