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I was just bored on youtube and found the finalists performances from 2010 which I had never watched but there's a part in one where Louis dances with Mary and it just makes me super happy. www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=uDRkCFiGjWw If you go to 1:28 it's right before it. It's only for like a second but It's just so cute.


So I’ll be honest with you, the only time I ever watched a full season of the X-Factor was 2010 and I didn’t really care that much about One Direction at the time except once they sang “Only Girl In the World” I was like ‘oh shit, they’re good…’ and honestly EVERYONE thought they were going to win. I remember picking up a newspaper and seeing the predictions for the winners and it said that it would be 1. Matt Cardle 2. Rebecca Ferguson and 3. One Direction based on the phone votes and I was like “no fuckin way…One Direction will win.” But THEY DIDN’T. And that’s the beginning of all the fuckery with this band, I’m sure of it. 

I have been watching so much 2010 X-Factor footage for my totally fictional satirical novel about boybands and talent competitions called You’ve Got It! and I haven’t gotten to this bit yet but I literally just watched this video three times rapid fire. Love it. 

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I’m writing the “bootcamp” chapter right now which shall be out this week. Though the book is fictional (WINK) there are a few details that are based on actual events which I’ve never seen discussed before but which I know of because reasons that may or may not include me knowing and sleeping with someone who was at bootcamp that year. What? I’m a hoe. You all should know that by now. 

ANYWAY. Gotta skeedaddle and finish this chapter.