Mermaids: A Guide


  • O R I G I N S 
    Greek Gods

  • S P E C I E S
    General Capabilities
    - Nereides
    - Sirens 
    - Zagreus
    - Melusina
    - Briareos 
    - Galatos

  • L A N G U A G E
    Basic Phrases

  • C U L T U R E 
    Honor & Law
    Mating vs Bonding
    Mating & Children
    Family Life

  • L I N K   T O  T H E  S T O R Y : C O R A L  &  B O N E
    This guide is based on the mermaids of Coral and Bone, who originate from the Assyrian goddess Atargatis and also, the Greek gods. This explores the theory of if the gods and their descendants fled to the sea in modern times.

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Pynch headcanons

I just realised I have never made this post and was so shocked?? also I love to die

  • So both of them probably have scars, Ronan on his wrist and Adam probably has some somewhere so they are always constantly kissing and touching each others scars and its so reassuring to both of them like “I know you’re not perfect but I love you anyway and I love you even more because that”
  • One year for his birthday Ronan gives Adam one of his leather bands 
  • they are the touchiest couple, in general, they are always holding hands under tables and resting their heads in each others laps and generally being cute af, bc they both absolutely crave physical contact and need to know that the other is real and with them 
  • the mixtapes become a thing between them because they mean a lot but don’t cost a lot, so they are always exchanging them, one time Ronan got really drunk and dreamed one up and it had the world’s sappiest songs ever on it (including hits from Celine Dion and lionel Richie)
  • After they get together Ronan stops calling Adam ‘Parrish’ completely because he only did that to distance himself and now he doesn’t have to so he absolutely adores the feeling of Adam’s name on his lips
  • Ronan comes to pick Adam up after late shifts and Adam is so ridiculously incredibly exhausted that he falls asleep in the car so Ronan carries him up to his apartment and its really cute
  • They make the biggest deal out of every single holiday and birthday, once adam said he hadnt had a proper christmas so blue and ronan teamed up because no one loves christmas more than them and they decorate his apartment while he’s out so he comes back to all of the gang there with presents and cookies and hot chocolate and trees and mistletoe so they have their own little christmas 
  • they have tickle wars all the time, they are just kissing then one of them starts laughing and sparks a twenty minute tickle war and pillow fight
  • When Adam can’t sleep ronan wakes up and strokes his hair while singing old irish lulabies that his mum used to sing to him
  • when ronan cant sleep adam reads him bits from his favourite books, mostly harry potter and he traces his tattoo
  • Ronan keeps ‘making’ adam fo stupid stuff like riding trolleys down hills just because he likes to see how carefree and childish he can be
  • Blue and Gansey and Noah have a legitimate party when they find out that their ship has sailed, they bake them a cake and everything and its all super embarassing
  • Gansey has “father’ talks with both of them and warns them not to hurt each other and tells them to ‘be safe’
  • Blue just tells them shes super incredibly happy for them and she didnt need to be psychic to know they were in love and eberyone is super teary and there are a lot of group hugs 
  • double blusey and pynch dates are the coolest things ever, its just them doing normal stuff but with more kissing and ‘i love you’ s
  • generally adam parrish and ronan lynch being super happy together