Sexual and Gender Diversities: A Harry Style Opinion

I have seen a lot of anger and indignation over the past 24 hour directed at various people, such as thisiskatsblog, for daring to use the word “gay” in relation to dear Harold. Let me say right here and now that there are many sexual and gender possibilities; sexuality is a spectrum, not a fixed point; and that we can all agree that only Harry knows exactly how he identifies.

However, there are two things he has made clear this year:

  1. He is not bisexual (GQ Interview)
  2. His sexuality does not include women (yesterday’s interview)

All sexuality is a spectrum, like light itself. But like any spectrum, there are general umbrella groups. Magenta, Pink, Crimson, and “blood orange” are shades of color in their own right. But we can all agree that in the most basic umbrella terms, they are all Red. Calling them red does not diminish the brilliance of pink or the depth of crimson. 

Given that in Harry’s own words his sexuality seems to be exclusive to men, calling him gay does not diminish any other sexual or gender identity that might reside in a deeper level. It is not forcing anything upon him. When discussing gender and sexuality, umbrella terms like gay, lesbian, and bisexual are perfectly acceptable when talking in general unspecific terms. 

I know Trumblr prides itself on being politically correct and well informed; but the vitriol I have seen in the past 24 hours is simply stupid. Stop it! you’re better than that! This is our opportunity to have an intelligent discussion about important issues in our fandom and how we will react to them. Focusing exclusively on the specific terminology is simply an excuse to avoid facing the bigger issues. Harry Styles is not straight, and has no sexual interest in women. Get over it and stop trying to rationalize a scenario where you may still stand a remote chance.

At the end of the day we return to some simple fact that is as true today as it was four years ago: Unless you are a Louis Tomlinson, no one has the remotest chance in hell of getting anywhere near Harry.

Sagittarius Second Decan: Born between December 3 and December 12

The second of the Sagittarius Decans has the planet Mars as its ruler. The second Decan Sagittarius personality is characterized by assertiveness, restlessness and openness. When you think you know what you want you are not afraid to act assertively and sometimes aggressively to get it. Trouble is you get bored easily and want to move on to next project, experience or relationship. Your restless nature leads you to explore and dip into many and varied interests but can make you a Jack of all trades and master of none. You love a challenge and are very spontaneous. So when someone suggests jumping from the high cliffs or streaking down the street you’re the first one to try it. Nothing is too outrageous or challenging for you to want to try. You are open, upfront and sometimes brutally frank. What you see is what you get with you. And you cannot understand or relate to people who play mind games, have hidden agendas or keep secrets.

Sagittarius First Decan: Born between November 22 and December 2

This is the first of the Sagittarius Decans and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. The first Decan Sagittarius personality is characterized by an adventurous nature, positive outlook and a direct way of speaking. You are very adventurous and love to experience new, bold and exciting adventures. Of all the Star Signs of the Zodiac and all of the Sagittarius Decans you are the most bold and daring. It would come as little surprise to see you bouncing of a bungee rope, free falling from the sky or shooting the rapids. You just love action and fun and if it has an element of danger, even more so. You are an optimist and have a very positive outlook on life. You find the best in people and situations and bring exuberance and enthusiasm to everything. People love to be around you as your boundless energy, fun nature and passion for life is contagious. You make people feel uplifted. Some would say it is total honesty – others blunt, cutting and tactless. But this is the Sagittarius approach to communicating their thoughts, ideas, criticisms and beliefs. This direct approach can get you in some scrapes but is nothing you cannot handle.