Hermes leather forever exhibition of a heritage brown brief case. I was not able to get the age of this brief case but I suspect we are talking about at least 20-30 years old. (I could very well be mistaken here) absolutely stunning workmanship that has sailed through the test of time. Also, note the size of this crocodile skin ! It must have been huge !

The exhibition is on till 13 December 2015 at the ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands. (I should get paid for this advertising !😂)
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Introducing our Lil’ Teddy Brothers!

Brother is a person who is there when you need him, someone who picks you up when you fall, a person who sticks up for you when no one else will, a brother is always a friend and brothers stick together for life.

Lil’ Teddy Brothers are a very good example of good brotherhood and friendship. :)

These teddies were made from our Lil’ Teddy Witch Crochet Pattern without the hat and cape. Full pattern can be found “Here”.  

Crochet with Love, Rachel H

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Layout view on some of the tools that goes into crafting the billfold wallet. Every tool, invaluable in its own right. Some have asked if I go completely free hand with the stitching awl in making my items. I do penetrate right through the leather with my pricking irons for thinner sections usually less than 2-3mm in thickness. For thicker portions, I will make an initial hole with the pricking iron followed by an stitching awl. This is to ensure the stitching hole created isn’t too large as most pricking iron’s teeth tends to widen closer to the body, which keeps its structurally robust.

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Sneak Peek: Who’s the cat?

Stay tuned for the full blog post and free crochet pattern of our latest creation! You wouldn’t want to miss this if you’re a huge fan of cats. *meow* :)

Crochet with Love, Rachel H

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Lil' Baby Unicorn Lovers

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

I thought it’ll be fun to post some pictures of my Lil’ Baby Unicorns since it matches with today’s theme. Are you feeling all lovey dovey today? :)

Let us spread some love this season!

By holding on to the one we love dearly.. 

Staring them in their eyes…

And telling them they mean the world to you.. 

Even though we can show our love and appreciation any other day, it’s always nice to have an occasion where you can make the one you love feel a little extra special.

Oh love is in the air! <3 <3 <3 :)

Our Lil’ Baby Unicorn(s) crochet pattern can be found “Here”. 

Love, Rachel H

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Diamonds, known to be a lady’s best friend but probably triggers diamond pricking iron memories for leather crafters. From all other inspiring leather works i admired when starting out, I think most crafters only had access to diamond pricking iron. Vergez Blanchards – the more common European style pricking irons back then were not accessible or was exorbitantly expensive. I personally started with Japanese Seiwa diamond irons too. Today, we are blessed with a myriad of options and innovate tool makers in the market. A friend and personally inspiring leather crafter @crimsonhides has meticulously imbued his vast experience into designing and making own line of diamond pricking irons.

Rustic, nostalgic, alluring, robust and sturdy are epitomized adjectives the moment you wield these irons in hand. I’ll label these as “hybrid” pricking irons where they function between standard diamond irons and european irons. Visually you’ll notice these have sharp, polished and slim pricking teeth and they penetrate thick and dense leather effortlessly. There is a good heft to them which is a critical trait in my opinion. Plus the nature of pointed tips for diamonds make it a little easier to align against a stitching line in contrast to European irons. Functionally, an absolute breeze to use.

The stitching holes produced carry a lower slant angle than other diamond and European irons I’ve used. This uniquely results in lower angled “stitching slant” but with an increased start & end space/gap between each stitch. Visually the resulting stitching line is very clean. Each stitch seems visually appear more independent of adjacent stitches due to the space between them which is interesting captivating. Overall, these are diamond pricking irons that has been greatly refined and has opened another stitching style opportunity for leather crafters.

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Flat aerial view of the components on the current billfold wallet project. Some progress, minimalist card slot compartments has been finished, the coin compartment hidden closure loop has been completed too. Some internal changes : the minimal card slot section inner layers have been crafted from sheep skin and completed lined with pig skin. I found the sheep skin to be a tad smoother allowing for cards to slide in and out effortlessly, plus it puts a slight textural contrast as you peek into the card slots lining while slotting a card in. A few other design changes has been implemented as I complete each component, pretty much a design-as-i-go approach this time around, taking it much slower to ensure I achieve the idea envisioned.

Will be posting up a few sneak peeks soon !

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Work schedule has been crazy, but will be catching up with orders and emails very soon !
Have not managed to photograph recent projects, but here is a “racing” styled watch strap made some weeks back, that compliments a bronze Steinhart beautifully. I’ve made quite a number of straps for bronze watches but shipped them out and never had a chance to see them fitted.
I think there has been a recent resurgence of bronze case watch followers, the extent they go to patina their watches are innovative ! I’ve read about folks keeping their bronze cases with hard boiled eggs and soya bean sauce wrapped in a zip lock bag to create funky patina hues. Others go swimming in the sea or take it to the shower with them, I guess the beauty of it all is when you get tired of the patina, just polish everything off and start again. Pretty awesome.

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Review of @74watchstraps 3mm / 9spi European styled pricking irons. These are prototypes which omits a beautiful gold laser engraving of their logo. I’m not going to focus on each intricate technicality of the pricking iron (the exact micron millimeter of each slant etc..) rather, I will share my experience through its utilization.

Ground info : First and foremost this review contrasts against my 9spi Vergez Blanchard irons (VB) and a brief experience with CMDA irons. (I’ve yet to try @amyroke irons). To emphasize, in my opinion, this isn’t exactly a fair comparison as these irons are about 30% cheaper than VBs. Hence, they should be placed in comparison against other irons in this price range

Visually, these are slimmer and thinner than VBs. They carry a good heft and are comfortably curved at the base of the pricking head to rest your fingers as you position the iron. I personally find the handle length a little too short for my liking, but ergonomically, its comfortable and handles very well.
Crafted from DC53 steel which seems to be highly wear resistant like stainless steel ,DC53 Tool steel is a new general-purpose cold work die and mold steel whose strength and toughness approach those of high-speed steels (HSS). I did not experience any flex while hammering, it provides a robust and sturdy assurance. (metalsmiths please shed light, I don’t know much about metallurgy).

The pricking teeth are substantially slimmer than VBs and highly polished, this translates into smaller stitching holes “slants” when punched even through 5mm thick hides. The polished finish provides a very smooth entry and exit while punching, which requires less hammering strength decreasing a potential risk of errors especially with the exit holes alignment. Each tooth are precisely uniform without inconsistency. Stitching up, results in clean and uniform stitching lines at the front and back of the project.

Overall, a great set of pricking irons for the price point that i’m certain would last the test of time with proper use.
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Love the brown and blue contrasting hues. Here we have 22mm strap crafted from the famous Hermes Barenia leather, lined with horween cognac Essex leather for comfort and stitched at 9 Spi with lin cable.

Strap buckle holes are awaiting the customer’s watch to ensure a perfect single hole sizing and precise fit to the buckle’s tongue.

More detailing photos of the strap to come !

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TGIF crafty buddies,

Are you planning to crochet-away this weekend? Hold on to your hooks because weekend is just around the corner! Here’s a picture of me carrying one of my all time favourite totebag, prepping some crafty projects for the weekend and making my big statement: I Love Crochet! :) Happy Friday everyone!

Cheers, Rachel H

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What other words would you like to see on the spine of the book?
What word would you use to represent your life?

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