REVIVAL! Uncharted Paths Give New Perspectives
Screened at the 2012 Southern Graphics Council International conference
New Orleans, LA

How can run-down letterpresses be restored and updated to work with new technologies?

This video serves as a guide for those who wish to renovate their equipment while incorporating new approaches to printmaking. Four students and their professor describe how they successfully brought several letterpresses back to working condition. They also show how to make a matrix on a computer-numerically-controlled router, highlighting design features that allow printing without a chase, backer, or quoins.

Revival! shows how charting familiar waters of traditional printmaking can yield fresh perspectives, cross currents of discovery, and ripples of excitement.

Laura Drapac
Lari Gibbons
Linda Santana
Cat Snapp
Christopher Wallace


I just signed up to participate in the Relief Summit exchange portfolio ( only $10! Even though I cannot go to this conference in North Carolina (which looks amazing) the exchange portfolio is open to non-attendees to participate in. 

I also just booked everything to attend the Southern Graphics Conference in Knoxville, TN. I haven’t been to a SGCI conference since Milwaukee in 2013, so I’m damn excited!

Who else in the Tumblr-Sphere is going to Knoxville this March? 


Thanks to all who threw out recommendations for my Chicago/Milwaukee trip. SGCI was so much fun this year that I didn’t even mind the cold weather…that much.

My favorite thing about the print community is how willing everyone is to share ideas and process. White Wings Press, Spudnik Press and Anchor Graphics are all inspiring and welcoming shops that I enjoyed visiting. On that note, I’m noticing how many pictures of print shops I have. I’ve been thinking that maybe they deserve their own tumblr page. What do you think? Any snappy suggestions for a blog name that’s not already taken?