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My LT Experience: Alvin Ailey 10/01/2014

Les Twins Alvin Ailey 10/01/2014

I apologize for the length of this…

Ok guys, so how about I found out about the workshop just two days before. I usually like to be prepared weeks in advance. Anyway, before I go there, let me take you back….way back. So about a week and a half ago, I’m browsing around Sgalo’s Instagram page. For those of ya’ll who don’t know, Sgalo is the guy that makes those 88 and Les Twins shirts that the boys wear. I’ve even seen Jay and Bey rock some of his stuff. So I liked one of his pics thinking nothing much of it. So then, I see a couple hours later, he likes a video that I posted up of Larry. In the video, Larry was wearing a Jmenfou shirt, so Sgalo comments a hashtag #jmenfoujmenfiche. So I comment back “I want one.” So then he direct messages me. So we start up a little convo about how I can get a shirt from him. So we go back and forth a little bit just discussing. So boom, I finally order the shirt. Mind you, at that point I didn’t even know there was going to be a workshop.

Come Monday, I just had this gnawing feeling in my heart to check the Alvin Ailey website. I knew the boys were in town so I’m like, what the heck; let me see if they’re also ding a workshop. Thank God I checked because if not, I would have missed the whole shebang and I would’ve been tight! So I find out about the workshop on Monday, and lo and behold The Good Lord made it so that my shirt arrived on Wednesday, the exact date of the workshop. God is good yall!!! So I thanked Sgalo and he says that he’s excited for me and he knew the boys would be happy to see me with the shirt.

Anyway, workshop time! They had the chairs set up right in front of the mirror this time. I didn’t know if the boys would love it or hate it. Come to figure, one loved it and the other hated it. Guess who? Larry hated it and Lau loved it cus he doesn’t want the dancers to focus too much on the mirror. But that’s just a side bar.


Guys, I’m so proud of our boys. They were only like 3 minutes late! What an improvement! They both came in decked out in these fire jackets that I truly just wanted to swipe. Larry had that oxblood jacket and Lord….forgive me my wayward thoughts. Lau had those damn hoop ear rings that I’m unfortunately starting to get used to and about a million chains and layers on. He didn’t even take off his jacket while he was dancing though. I know he was hot. So they do a little rock paper scissors to see who goes first. I don’t even know how they decide though, seems like it was some twin understanding.

Lau goes first and he does Often by The Weeknd. And he just sexes up the whole song. Yes Gawd! I loved catching the little glimpses of his abs when he would pull his shirt up to wipe his sweat. BFF and I would have a little praise party every time he did it. But I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Lau is mean. But I get it, he wants the dancers to give it their all and be the best.

So tell me how, as his phone is hooked up to the music, it goes off with a text message and everyone hears it through the sound system. And he goes, “oh that’s my friend”…with a little mischievous look in his eyes. Then his phone goes off again and he goes, “Ok, I have two friends.” Lau Lau….we already know the deal. Somebody whispered “is that Aimee?” I was crying! Real tears! Knowing Lau, it could be Aimee, Cynthia, Jessica….a number of women…we will never know, smh.

Larry ends up stepping out for a good part of Lau’s class, and when he came back in Lau was all like, “thank you for supporting me brother!” Clown! He was hurt though, lol. At one point when Larry comes back, he lays down on the floor like 2 chairs away from me. LT Ladies…the thoughts that ran through my mind, I was tryna sneak a picture, but didn’t wanna seem like a creep, lol.

Come dancing time…he pulls out the little shorty. This little girl straight rips it! She is a star and I know her mama is proud. Later on during Larry’s class, Lau went outside and he was speaking to the little girl’s mother, giving her words of encouragement. BFF said that she overheard him saying that God is the reason behind their success, or something to that effect. You better preach that gospel Lau Lau!

Now Larry’s class begins and he is so cool and calm and collected. I love it. Much less talkative than Lau…which I like. Let me tell you how BFF caught herself tryna catch feelings for him….had to tell her to fall back. From time to time he would do a little beat boxing thing, and it’s super cute. What I liked the most was that he would stop from time to time and think of the song in his mind and make the dance moves…without even listening to the music….so dope. By the way, he did Amnesia by Cherish, which I loved! At some point, some girls were just giggling and he goes “why you laughing?” At the same moment, BFF gets up to go use the bathroom and Larry goes, “how would you feel if as a dancer you have girls laughing at you and one leave?” He’s such a clown, BFF didn’t even hear him talking about her.

Anyway, the cypher breaks out and its cool and all. But shout outs to BFF who is always on target. She finds a way to get us to the front of the line for pictures. When it was my turn, I came and kissed the both of them, and Lau looked like he was taken aback by it. Don’t act brand new now Lau. So I pull out the shirt and they’re all like hey, that’s cool. Larry asked me if I knew what the jmenfou means. And I go yeah…it means I don’t care. He goes “no, it means I don’t give a fuck.” And Lau is like “no…it’s just I don’t care.” So they go back and forth bickering, and I’m laughing at their silliness. So they end up just signing it and we took our picture.

Oh and another tidbit. I asked Larry why he not wearing the earrings and he goes, they changed colors, they cheap, so he needs a new one. He asked if I had one for him and I’m like no…not this time boo. I told him that I was offended and embarrassed that he called my gift cheap, but he meant no harm by it though.  

Ok, so security kicked us out…very rudely might I add. BFF and I roam around until the twins come outside. When they do, I asked Lau for another picture and he reluctantly says yes, only because he had said no more pictures before. And then, I tell him that sometimes I’m afraid to approach him and say hi, and he goes “why?..just say hi, I say hi back.”

Then we went over to Larry and BFF tells him that he has a beautiful spirit and she asks for a hug and he gives her one. He says that that’s what he loved the most, the love and the hugs…no pictures.

And that was that for that. The end of a very beautiful and very long night. Thank God.

As always my loves, this was super long, but I just want you guys to feel like you were there with me. Til next time my loves.

And by the way, big shout out to Sica, it was great seeing you boo :-*


~ LTFirstLady