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even if they didn’t love each other like we had wanted, even if they didn’t declare their love and kiss each other we still got what we wanted. they’re together forever,no irene no molly no Janine. Just Sherlock and John forever, raising Rosie with the other characters coming into their orbit, and they’ll love each other until the end of time. John and Sherlock are family, and even though we won’t get to see it, all those lustful stares across the room or awkward brushing of hands when they hand off the tea cups, they are there, and they are happening. Living together in their flat, knowing each other and loving each other exactly the way they should be. It’s just Sherlock and John together forever. We were right. Johnlock was endgame. 

I understand how the color blue was used a lot in S4 to represent water, but why the exact same shade? In the final problem, a very specific shade of royal blue is always in the frame.

From John’s shirt (x)

To Mycroft’s tie (x) 

To Moriarty’s entire suit (x)

To the governor’s tie (x)

Almost every scene has the shade of blue represented in some way. Even momma Holmes got in on the fun

Not to mention the little girl on the plane’s bow, the guard’s gun straps, kid Sherlock’s outfit, etc….

Kinda reminds me of another shade of blue…hmm… Maybe a certain detective’s favorite color? 

That feeling when you start a new show after having your heart and soul torn apart by the last one and you can already feel yourself getting obsessed and you’re just like ‘oh no am i really going to do this to myself again’ but then jumping into the future grave of your feelings whole heartedly like

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batten down the hatches, lock your doors, don your armor and prepare your weapons, THE SHERLOCK FANDOM HAS RETURNED

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Sherlock Takes the Fall

When making a trailer, a producer can split a single scene into clips and scatter them throughout the trailer. In this trailer, there are five clips from the same scene.

(Note: The shot above appears to be the same set, but was taken at a different time, probably previous to the other shots. The lack of Mycroft in this shot and the presence of a different character appeals to the idea that this is a different time.)

All images are from the BBC Sherlock: Season Four Trailer #2.

In the above images, we can make a timeline of possible events:

In the first image, John is giving Sherlock is own weapon, his British Army Browning L9A1.

The second and third images appear to be teaser dialogue. John’s look of surprise and Mycroft’s “Is this supposed to be a game?” are highly telling signs of disbelief.

The fourth image shows that Sherlock is under severe stress, possibly because he just made a decision that is about to ruin his life.

The fifth image is Sherlock’s motive for committing the act. I can imagine John or Mycroft asking him, “Why are you doing this?” Sherlock seems to be becoming highly sentimental. (“Is this sentiment or you talking? Difficult to tell the difference these days.” -Mycroft from The Six Thatchers)

I could not have conjured this idea on my own, but setlock has given me a theory:

Above setlock image source: hudders-and-hiddles

John’s alibi.

What if:

John is accused of murder, possibly by Culverton Smith.

What if:

Sherlock conjures an alibi to free John from execution. They go to court, but, no matter what they say, John is going to get the edge.

What if:

Sherlock takes John’s gun used to convict John of the murder.

What if:

Sherlock takes the fall for John.

What if: John and/or Mycroft ask him why he’s making this sacrifice.

What if Sherlock says, “_________.”

Note: Mary says at the end of The Six Thatchers: “Save John Watson. Save him.”

Why is Molly wearing red?

During the first episode of Season four, I could not help but notice Molly’s different outfits to everyone else.

Take Rosie’s christening for example:

All red? When everyone else is dressed in blue or dark colours? (Aside from Mary who’s dressed in all white)

I’m not kidding, look:

Why is she and Mary the only ones to be dressed in colours different to everyone else?

Then there’s this evidence:

Why is she the only one wearing red? Granted, John is wearing white in this scene, but why is she wearing red?

Then there’s the ending:

Stripped red shirt?

Whats with the red being hidden by the blue? 

Then theres this beauty

Hiding the red with the blue?

Y’know who else wears red?


Oh? Is this a coincidence?

Well then, what about yellow?

Molly at the wedding:

Very weird fashion sense. I mean, Lestrade, John, Sherlock and Mrs Hudson are in darker colours (and Mary is once again in white).

Who else do we see in yellow?

Universe, are you making an extra effort to be this lazy?

So, does anyone have any ideas?

Or any more evidence?

Because shit is getting real. 

Tick, tock, tick tock.