Does ace Tumblr know that the words “h*mosexual” and “bisexual” originated not to indicate sexual attraction, but to indicate the “sex” (the then-common term that we now recognize as gender) of the people you are attracted to?

Homo - same
Hetero - different
Bi - two
Pan - all

Obviously the meaning of words can change and terms can become outdated but thats why “heterosexual” is used to mean people who attracted to the opposite binary/other “sex,” even though we now recognize that “heterosexual” means people attracted to the opposite binary gender, not the opposite binary sex because that term is outdated.

The suffix -sexual doesn’t indicate the type of attraction felt, rather the gender of the people somebody feels attraction to. I’m not saying that people can’t identify as asexual if they still experience some form of attraction to people, I just wish people would stop using -sexual words (ESPECIALLY “h*mosexual”) to refer to people who exclusively experience sexual attraction because that’s gross and not the way the words were intended to be used.

Quick psa to my followers: If your definition of the LGBTQ+ community is sga and trans individuals you are being (hopefully accidentally) biphobic. There are bisexuals who are not sga but still belong in the LGBTQ+ community. For example a bisexual girl who is attracted to men and non binary individuals. Please be considerate to people who experience multiple gender attraction thank you.     

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the whole "homophobia and transphobia" thing is so biphobic. "but bisexuals experience homophobia!" yeah okay assuming homophobia is hatred based on sga, then yeah. most do. BUT. biphobia is not a "subset of homophobia" because it's not based in being sga but in being mga. because bi ppl are stereotyped as promiscuous. and ppl don't want to date them bc they're afraid they'll cheat. and lesbians/gay guys won't date them bc "they also like dick/vagina" as if that taints them somehow? how about-

- discoursers stop acting like they give a shit about bi people? biphobia is its own fucking entity. it is not covered by “homophobia and transphobia.” yeah, most bi people might be let in under homophobia, but that doesn’t cover all of the bases for them, so what? you’ll help them fight homophobia and leave them to deal with biphobia on their own? or will you admit that the lgbt+ community is for more than just fighting “homophobia and transphobia?” (srry this is abt biphobia but discourse man)

agreed, although please dont use SGA since its a recycled conversion therapy term, excludes many bi/pan and enby folk, and exists solely to exclude ace people.

Back in 2005, I first started shipping McShep (upon viewing SGA for the first time) and now over 10 years later, I’ve come full force back to it.  I think that’s a pretty good sign that it will never truly leave my heart, no matter what happens (and that it’s a pretty solid ship, man). 


“sga” Literally just describes the type of attraction targeted by homophobia. why are so many of the arguments against it just “it doesn’t include [people that dont experience sga].” it doesnt include everyone thats the point. when talking about homophobia we need SOME kind of term that refers to people who experience attraction to their own gender because……that’s what homophobia targets


Claiming SGA is AAVE (it isn’t) and then saying it’s fine to appropriate it(????).

Like, come on guys. If it was AAVE, it would NOT be okay for the wider community to use. It would be ONLY for the black LGBTQIAP+ community to use.

self-rec meme

Tagged by @aprylynn to reply with five of my favorite fics that I’ve written. Tagging @lightedwindows, @notababoonbrandishingastick, and @effie214 to do it too :)

1.  If It Ain’t Broke (Stargate: Atlantis, John/Elizabeth). This is a favorite because I love these two, always have, always will, and anything with them makes me happy (or horribly heartbroken, depending on the season) so I had to include an SGA fic and, well – I just really think I’m funny :D

John really doesn’t deserve to take the heat for this. And he isn’t just saying that because he doesn’t want to take the heat - not like that time with the robots, or the thing with the laser tag. Those had been totally his fault, even if he refused to admit it at the time. This though? This is 100% Rodney’s fault.

Just because Rodney ran the plan by him first and John said, “Cool!” does not mean that he should have to take responsibility.

 It was a cool plan, after all. Not that he’s about to tell Elizabeth that.

2.  Clouds that Break (Justified, Raylan/Winona). I always thought this was pretty, and it was a very different style of character from any I had previously (or have since) written and I loved getting into Winona’s head. 

She married Raylan on a cloudy day in September - wind whipping her dress across her knees and tangling her hair. The sky opened up halfway through the ceremony and released a downpour that soaked her to the bone.

She used to sit on the edge of their bed, fingers twisted, haloed by the porch light filtering in from sun-bleached curtains and think that she should have seen that storm as a sign - that she should have seen it coming.

She married Gary on a cloudless day in the middle of June. She can still smell the freshly cut grass and feel the warmth of the afternoon sun.

She realizes now (too little, too late) that weather can’t predict for shit.

3. Growth (NCIS: LA, Kensi/Deeks). Whenever I get asked what my favorite fic I’ve written is, or which one I’d recommend, I inevitably think of this one. I really have no reason for doing so – it’s certainly never been a crowd favorite, but I think, for me, it is the one I’ve written that feels most like an episode. I think it’s probably the one I’ve written that is the most true to the show instead of a journey into the world of fanfiction.

Her eyes light up. “Is it oregano?”

“No, Fern, it’s a houseplant. Killing flora, I can allow - but I’m not going to facilitate any poisoning of humans.”

“I would be an excellent cook.”

“Yeah. No. No, you wouldn’t.”

She scoffs. “Just for that, I’m going to make you dinner.”

“After waxing poetic about my funeral? I don’t think so.”

“Oh, come on. If I were going to kill you I wouldn’t go through the hassle of cooking first. I’d just snap your neck.”

“You’re so charming. I’d love to have dinner with you, thanks for asking.”

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cis bi people who are bi but not sga aren’t straight but they sure as fuck aren’t lgbt

having a trans/nonbinary partner doesn’t make you lgbt. can you go into some spaces as an ally? yeah, sure. your partner probably appreciates your presence. but you aren’t lgbt yourself.

in the light of what happened with solar//senti//ence your local computing student has a small psa:

- your ip address isn’t traceable via statcounter if you use the mobile app when you view blogs
- proxy servers like will hide your ip address (you can choose a country to appear to be from)
- you can get app versions of vpns for mobile! they also unblock sites that may be blocked in schools or other places with limited access - i use one called CloudVPN but you can just search “vpn” in your app store
- doxxing is illegal under us law (and many other countries, but this link is us-specific)
- if it happens to you, this is a good post about reporting to family or police
- this page has links for reporting doxxing on social media accounts, including facebook and twitter
- this is a guide to removing yourself from the internet

i’ll update this as and when i think of more information!

edit: a lot of people have suggested ghostery as a better alternative to proxy servers! it will hide you from statcounter and there’s an app version as well

edit 2: a vpn you can use is tunnelbear - it’s what dillscourse is using rn!

edit 3: please reblog this version instead!