sg: summer trip

I have no time to superficial things. I have no time to fake emotions. I do not have time for half-relationships. I am the all-or-nothing person. I am intense as a song by Maria Bethania and red as a film by Almodóvar. I know to be sea, but I am much better when I am iron and fire. Do not stay close to me if you do not want intensity, do not approach me unless you know how to dance fast. I am meek, but there is a typhoon in my chest and flame at my feet. When I love, I love as if tomorrow was our last day on earth. I love with all the intensity and strength of a metal. I love deep as sea.

(Random thought in a Monday afternoon)

Howard’s Cafe, Patchogue, NY

Some friends and I took a trip out to Long Island this weekend for a brewery/winery tour. While we planned out where we would be drinking, we left our eating options to chance. Along the way, we found a number of little local gems, like Howard’s Cafe in Patchogue…

Located in a strip mall near Blue Point Brewing Co., Howard’s is a quaint cafe with a long burger list, house special sandwiches, and a few seafood and pasta options. I went with one of those house specials, Howard’s roast pork sandwich…

Served on garlic bread with melted mozzarella and au jus, I picked a winner!

The sesame hero roll was freshly-baked, flaky on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the juicy pork had been lightly fried to crisp it up just a bit, and the garlic made each bite pop.

And here’s the other thing about Howard’s, every single one of their burgers, sandwiches and entrees come with a bowl of salad, a side of your choice (I got the house made steak fries) and a pitcher of Bud or Bud Light or carafe of house wine! And they kept refilling our pitchers!!

All this for just thirteen bucks!

No wonder this place was packed!!


Sunwave Shopping Center

404 S Service Rd.

Patchogue, NY 11772



Jardin Majorelle

The Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech is one of the most visited sightseeing in Morocco. A French orientalist painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) spent forty years of passion and dedication to create this enchanting garden in the heart of the “Ochre City”. The first time when the artist arrived to Marrakech was in 1917. He was invited by the French Resident-General, Marshal Lyautey. Jacques Majorelle  was seduced by Marrakech and therefore in 1923 he decided to live there. The painter purchased a vast Palm grove that have become the Jardin Majorelle as we know today.
In 1931 the architect named Paul Sinoir built the Art Deco studio with the walls being painted in “Majorelle Blue”. A garden, a living work of art composed of various exotic plants, surrounds the studio.
In 1980, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé acquired the Jardin Majorelle to save it from real estate developers. Since then, the garden has been restored and many new plants have been added. Today, in the Jardin Majorelle there are a bookstore, café, boutique and a museum dedicated to Berber culture. 

To be honest, this is one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in Morocco. I totally fell in love with this garden. It is amazing that years ago this was a home for such a talented people as Yves Saint Laurent and Jacques Majorelle. I would recommend everyone to visit this garden during your stay in Marrakech.