sg1: season eight


And the departure of David, that’s got to be a little hard for you.

“I think what’s great is that David gets to do what he has wanted to do for a long time. I have to trust that he’s happy in the decision that he made. As for Robert’s coming in, I think his enthusiasm for the character and the job is so great that he has kind of infused the rest of us with a new enthusiasm to keep going. I personally was starting to lose it, so this has been a very positive beginning to the new season.”

Gillian Anderson, Venice Magazine, Dec 2001

A Very Mary Episode of Touched by an Angel

Today’s beautiful and long-awaited recap is from season eight of Touched by an Angel, otherwise known (by me) as the Duckface Years, because Roma Downey got some plastic surgery that did not treat her kind. But more importantly, this episode stars the one and only Mary McDonnell.

As a nun who sings to herself.

I feel like, at this point, it’s worth noting that Mary McDonnell is not the most consistent actress. When she wants to, she can knock it out of the park (see: BSG) but when she doesn’t want to, she does what I affectionately refer to as “drunk acting” (see: High Society). It may be surprising to people to learn that Mary chooses to do some serious acting for Touched by an Angel. It would not have been my choice.

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Gabriel loves dogs. Used to have one of his own, in fact, although he’d given it away before saving the Winchesters at Elysian Fields.

So, as soon as he’s moved into the bunker, he gets one for Sam. He claims it’s a housewarming gift, but Sam’s pretty sure it’s a bit more than that.

Dean, of course, is pissed. He doesn’t like dogs, and they don’t like him. (Sam thinks it’s pretty understandable, actually, given the whole hell hound thing.)

This one, though, a large, lumbering thing, doesn’t seem to mind. It loves Gabe and absolutely adores Sam, but it leaves Dean alone. Unless he’s asleep on the couch, anyway. Then, the dog (Sam’s named him Fenrir, to Gabe’s amusement) will worm his way into Dean’s arms and make a blanket of himself.

Dean, the cuddler that he is, doesn’t complain. (Especially once he realizes that Fenrir doesn’t really shed. And when he does, it’s always in convenient bundles outside the bunker. Archangel mojo is freakin’ awesome.)