sg prowl


- SG Prowl was originally a prosecutor and later justice in the legal and criminal justice system of his home city in Praxus and specifically on the district of Petrex. His sense of justice is crooked and twisted. He grew bored of the petty crimes and other routine hearings, feeling he was delivering but a mockery of justice as the real crime never seemed to reach his court room.

- Eventually he joined the law enforcement department and the mecha forensics, shortly before Optronix began his revolution and organized the Autobots.

- Initially he was indifferent about the Autobots and was focused on keeping up with his work, until he accidentally came across some transmissions from Earth where he became familiar with the concept of Lady Justice and became obsessed with it and grew to believe Justice was a true force of the universe and he devoted himself to serve it.

- His obsession led him to want to become the perfect agent of Lady Justice and ripped his own optics out in an attempt to better emulate her.  During this period of his life he became a loyalist to Optimus Prime’s plans believing Lady Justice needed him in this position so as to enable Optimus’ final delivery to judgment, so while he is loyal to Optimus, he does so because he believes it is Justice’s will. His ultimate goal is to see Optimus succeed and then be delivered to Justice to face judgment.

- Despite his apparent insanity and twisted personality and values, he is very intelligent and his time in the enforcers made him very adept to combat, though he prefers to manipulate others into doing his dirty jobs for him.

- He’s very cultured and has a speech pattern devoid of contractions, and is rather articulate. He’s almost always smiling or smirking, and whenever he is not it means murder is about to happen. Whenever someone manages to break his cool his speech is colored with expletives wherever they can be fitted. This is a trait he is not fond of and thus he has developed a legendary patience and good humor.

- Despite being blind, he moves around effortlessly as he had his frame altered to be extremely sensitive, in addition to the sensory network of his wings.

- Within the ranks he could be considered as wealthy since he manages to swindle mechs out of some possessions, intimidates his way into obtaining the goods or receives them as rewards for his delivery of good work.

- Has no interest in becoming a second of third in command. His focus is on facilitating the plans of his leader, and he keeps himself high enough in the ranks to do his duty, but low enough he doesn’t have to spend unnecessary time looking out for assassination attempts to take his place.

- He is somewhat vain and hates when someone scratches his paint job and is rather vindictive about it. In spite of his vanity, he has grown fond of the scars he left on his face when he ripped his optics and chose not to have those fixed.

- He’s fascinated by alternate versions of himself or of those mechs he works closely with.

SG Jazz.  autobot-stormshadow politely asked for SG Jazz and Prowl so I started with Jazz (of course).  I didn’t particularly like the canon SG Jazz since he was just the same paint colors, just crazy in the helm.  I went with a dark blue/purple color scene and changed all his bio lights to acid green.  He’s got pin strips instead of paint stripes and the crystal on his helm is a camera so SG Prime can see his pet assassin killing his targets in real time.  Also, nabulos, thank you for telling me about ‘maccadam.