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First, this is not request. Now that I saw your yandere Shattered class Optimus headcanons... I think nsfw thing with that Optimus would cause so much trauma. I won't go into detail since... well you can just imagine how horrible it would be for the reader.... I don't know which one is more dangerous.. SC Optimus or MTMTE Overlord....

I suppose the only way to find out would be to have them fight to the death a la Freddy vs. Jason (and then quickly run away while they were both busy killing each other, because there are no winners in this game.)


Shattered Memo of the HOLI-day

Valentine’s Day

Only recently did this holiday become bearable for me to bear again. After all, my beloved had thrown my Ember into the ground and snuffed it out. Now I have my Megs and Brightember ( <3 ) , I can celebrate this again. After all, what is Valentine’s Day but a celebration about the ones we love?

For this holiday, I got a bunch of lovey-dovey pictures. Enjoy, and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

Ultimate TF Shitpost Blog Masterlist 23-05-17


Lost Light Crew:
Rodimus: @rodimemeprime @autobot-flameout-prime @flameonrodimus
Ultra Magnus: @ultramagnussmartposts
Drift: @driftofficial @thunderthighsmcgee
Megatron: @thebesttyrant
Ravage: @loyaldecepticat
Tailgate: @minibotme
Cyclonus: @cyclonusshitposts
Whirl: @whirlfacts @whirlie-bird
Rung: @rung-not-ring
Swerve: @swerveshitposts
Skids: @skidstheorizes
Nautica: @bothtrueandfalse
Nightbeat: @nightbeatmysteries
Perceptor: @sniproscope
Brainstorm: @brainstormsbrainstorms
Chromedome: @chromedomefacts
Rewind: @rewindsreceipts
Ambulon: @leg-of-action
First Aid: @doyourequirefirstaid
Ratchet: @unrelentingcynicism @ratchets-clinic
Pharma: @betterdoctorthanyou
Velocity: @tenthtimesthecharm
Trailbreaker: @forcefieldguy
Pipes: @was-it-the-pipes
Getaway: @bulletforyourthoughts
Riptide: @hydr0b0t
Atomizer: @raiseyourcrossbows
Sunstreaker: @itsalwayssunnyon-cybertron
Protoseeker: @proto-seeker (OC)

Luna 1:
Fortress Maximus: @gunsinlegs
Red Alert: @redalertalerts @ask-the-paranoid-autobot
Prowl: @doubledutycops
Mixmaster: @questionable-lab-safety

The Decepticon Justice Division:
Tarn: @therealtarnshady @tarn-nation
Kaon: @itskaonandthepet @thepitsofkaon
Nickel: @medic-mum

The Scavengers:
Krok: @best-strategist
Fulcrum: @kick-ass-k-class
Misfire: @misfire-misfires
Spinister: @spinnyster
Crankcase: @grumpyboxwastaken
Grimlock: @grimlock-is-king

On Cybertron:
Shockwave: @dailydoseoflogic
Windblade: @itswindywindblade
Starscream: @starscreamscreams
Bumblebee: @autobot-commander-bee
Wheeljack: @wheeljackingit
Blurr: @blxrredracer
Roller: @bigfriendlyroller
Damus/Glitch: @tarnception
Sunstorm: @chosenbyprimus
Silverbolt: @silverbolt-roleplays-for-real
Jetfire: @jetfireitup
Metroplex: @metroplex-heeds-the-call
Trypticon: @the-talking-trypt

Earth Crew:
Optimus Prime: @optishitprime @maximum-primeage
Soundwave: @broadcasted-idiocy
Frenzy: @getfrenzied
Lazerbeak: @laserfocus-prettybird
Ratbat: @ratbatusedskree
Thundercracker: @crackingthunder
Skywarp: @skyvop

Verity: @wrecker001


Optimus Prime: @hipsdontprime
Arcee: @sexy-blue-two-wheeler
Ratchet: @ineededthat
Wheeljack: @subtleshifting
Cliffjumper: @lifebythehorns

Megatron: @darkenergon-megatron
Starscream: @birbscream
Shockwave: @amostillogicalarguement
Knock Out: @cherryautomobileenthusiast
Breakdown: @wxrhammers
Wildbreak: @sweetevilwildbreak
Predaking: @incorrigiblebeast

Agent Fowler: @gaygentfowler
Jack: @rides-the-sexy-blue-two-wheeler
Miko: @slashmonkeys

Rescue Bots:

Blades: @fearlesshelicopter
Chase: @thisisthepolice
Boulder: @innerbloom-mechanics
Heatwave: @heatwave-rolling-in
Servo: @servo-el-perro


Bulkhead: @bulkbot
First Aid: @red-med-femme
Blurr: @the-fast-and-the-furless
Sentinel Prime: @sentinel-shouting

Shockwave: @prime-decepticon
Blitzwing: @three-for-one
Lugnut: @p0kewar
Black Arachnia: @spideysshitposts
Swindle: @swindlestealsyourcash

Beast Wars/Machines:

Megatron: @predicons-terrorize-yesssssss

Shattered Glass:

Soundwave: @god-tier-soundwave
Ravage: @catposting

Chase: @lawwhatlaw
Prowl: @doubledutycops (yeee there’s two of them and one’s SG)


Optimus Prime: @give-me-your-face
Bumblebee: @radiopoweredhoneybee
Crosshairs: @gemsnatchinsniper
Drift: @spectralistdagger

Starscream: @inkedstar
Barricade: @bad-robocop

Sam: @yesiamladiesman217

Non-continuity OCs:

Landon: @landongalaxies
Arana: @arachnicon-arana
Max: @maxthenightbirb
Ross: @chiaroscuros-void
Glass: @rungscuteglasses
Lavender: @universallavender
Terra: @immortalwanderer

everyone is organised by continuity of origin. shitpost blogs that are also personals have not been included (to the best of my knowledge). if i missed anyone or got something wrong please IM/PM me ^3^