sg 3

*SG Writers knock on katie’s door* 

Katie: Hi Stupid

SG Writers: Katie, we’ve come to talk to you about your character Lena.

Katie: Yes….? *(thinking: they gon make her come out, imma get kissus with supergirl :3)* 

SG Writers: She’s straight. ok? u need to chill with the gayness and we know you are plotting this shit with melissa, the hearteyes and lip biting need to stap



240416 - THANK YOU for 800+ followers!! I started on a studyblr just so I could share my notes and photos and to get inspired; I certainly did not expect this!

Today, I’m working on some key political science terms and trying not to freak out now that I have 4 extremely heavy papers in the next week. I’ve been getting questions about the materials I use so:

1) the black pen is actually a really cheap house brand from Popular bookstore
2) the coloured flashcards are from a SG brand called Ugrade(
3) I use recycled paper so it’s actually the blank side of my sisters’ old music scores you’re seeing

Moral of the story: Don’t feel troubled about using expensive things for your studyblr, save the stress for your cramming instead :-)