Being a yoga teacher is not easy. Over the years I’ve had many unexpected people, sometimes people I don’t even know & other times renowned Yoga teachers come to me and tell me that I have to teach, and I shrugged it off over & over … Until I just couldn’t - my call to serve in this way was LOUD AND CLEAR.
Guiding people into their own systems of breath, circulation and adaptation is both a hard place to hold but more so -fulfilling.

Those times when you see something click inside a person - those moments are the most beautiful private milliseconds that start stringing together becoming transition, realization and ultimately change- perhaps a new outlook, a level to work from and with rather than to strive for. … Each time I see it I crumble a little inside- in such a good way.

We all have a different path- however ultimately we are seeking the same expression of life- #love & #gratitude.
I am unbelievably grateful for my classes @MoxieYoga / they are going so well! A wonderful community to be a part of. Everyone is so uplifted, sweet and energized- which makes the challenge of being a guide all the better!
Join me this week!
(Sub class just added!)

Thursday at 7pm for Moxie Fundamentals

8am Sunday for Moxie All Levels
4pm Sunday for Power Yoga

*NOTE THAT THIS SUNDAY IS BAY TO BREAKERS! Please make sure to leave extra travel time so you can make it to class!

ALL at @MoxieYoga in the Mission

See you on the mat 💚 Faern

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*note: I post my weekly schedule on FRIDAYS on my website right now because it’s changing rapidly as I sub classes all over currently* (at www.FAERN.me)

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Please join me tomorrow 8-9pm
Unplug & Unwind- Monday Night Flow
The absolutely perfect way to relax after a hard Monday and set you up for the week ahead!
Live Link in my profile to sign up!
Class via @MoveWith over at StudioMix
It’s a sweet class! 🔹
Download the app in the App Store- you can pay for the class there- be sure to follow me❤️


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