Mental Illness with Makeup:
Bipolar Depression
When I create a look/creature, it is almost always based on emotion and I do my best to convey how I feel during that time in my life. It is a very interesting diary, I suppose. Lately, I have been constantly going back and forth from hopefulness to hopelessness and I am very tired. I created these two creatures, one in October and one today (April 27,2017). I miss how I felt and I try to find as much light as I can nowadays.


I don’t generally post my work to this blog but I actually did something really cool over the past four weeks in my special effects makeup class.
Basically my idea was a rejected Disney character from the steamboat willie era, whose creator sold his soul to bring her to life and she’s been roaming the basements at Disney studios for almost 90 years.

((For @sixpenceee 🙃🙂🙃🙂))

My first cosplay photo on this account ! Also my first cosplay photo using my new camera ! In celebration of their new album coming out, I cosplayed 2D, the lead singer of a virtual band called Gorillaz. I love the new album so much oh my lord. I can’t remember exactly where I got my contact lenses from in this photo but I know ohmykitty.com sells them and they’re good quality. (That might’ve been where I got them actually but I honestly can’t remember). So yeah, enjoy ! 


“Enjoy your sleep, Billy.”
And with that, ACen is over, and Billy returns to his grave.
Prosthetic is custom sculpted and slush cast in latex, and painted with Mehron fantasy FX paints and alcohol activated paints by I Love FX Makeup.


I decided to go ahead and assemble links to all of my tutorials in one place so it will be easier to find them.


Pretty Makeup

Scary Makeup




[I have Celiac Disease, which means that I have a severe gluten allergy (so I can’t have anything with wheat or barley in it) and minor allergies to corn and rice. Because of this, ALL of my recipes are grain-free, and most of them are paleo-friendly.]


Movies/Books/TV Shows

Obviously, I’ll keep adding new posts to this list as I make them. I do take requests, so if there’s something I haven’t done yet that you want me to do, let me know

Reposting this makeup I did since its Alien Day! I love the Alien series so much my chest might just burst! This makeup I sculpted based around the Xenomorph from Alien and the Engineer from Prometheus.

Makeup done by me: Rose Ripley (Instagram: roseripleymakeup)

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Time Lapse video of my applying the cat man makeup to my dad on Instagram. Please follow my Instagram it’s roseripleymakeup
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“… For it is plain, as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be.”

Sally making an appearance at Anime Central.

Foundation was blue and white Kryolan aquacolor paints sponged on and then blended, followed by contour with blue and white eyeshadow. Stitches were done in aquacolor and eyeshadow, as well as the eye makeup.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have any false lashes to truly complete the look.