My gf just showed me the book of life and holy shit that was a fantastic animation. Wow at the animators and sfx and character design and just the story itself was so good!!!! Wow!!!!

Someone call a Woshua over here!!!
  • Someone call a Woshua over here!!!
  • Mystic Pyro Freak
  • zarla-s's Undertale comic

zarla-s’s interpretation of Chara falling into the Underground is my favorite. Can you guess why? <3

All voices (Chara, Asriel, the Froggits, and Frisk) by me

link to the original comic

(NOTE: Sound may not play properly in Chrome. Listen to it here if it won’t play on your dash)

The Hunger Bird, on display at the New Blades exhibition.

One hell of a ride. My first time creating a creature of this size. The plaster mould fell apart, and I was told to quit three times, but here it is. I fixed an unfixable project.
And I reached the goal that I’ve been heading towards for a large part of my education - I brought my imagination to life.
Something I plan to keep doing, and something I hope will inspire and create a sense of wonder in both young and old.
Hopefully a better photo will come soon, the red eyes are an important feature! Stay tuned.

Thank you to Neil Gaiman for inspiring me with your own imagination, I hope it is to your liking!


Please join us in welcoming the newest member of the Department of Marvelous Makeup: Lithuanian fashion student and artist Saida Mickeviciute. At 19 years old, Mickeviciute is entirely self-taught and takes inspiration for her cosmetic transformations from her favorite movies, particularly horror films and the works of Tim Burton.

Most of Mickeviciute’s makeovers take her about 2 hours to complete. Our current favorite is this chilling recreation of Beldam, aka the Other Mother from Coraline:

Follow Saida Mickeviciute on Instagram or Facebook for more of her incredible makeup artistry.

[via deMilked]