The little things that make age regressor’s melt


“Such a Good little one”

Warm hugs (like olaf)

Forehead kisses

Our caregivers voice

Having our hair lovingly brushed

Being called adorable

“Come here sweetheart caregivers got you”

When caregiver knows our favorite stuffies names

“Let caregiver get that for you hunny ”

Soothing back rubbies

“I’m so proud of you little one ”

“You’re too little for that ”

Not sure if I’m alone on this but like…

Does anybody else start going into little space when they’re sleepy? Cus like when I’m sleepy all I wanna do is get my paci, snuggle up with a giant pile of stuffies and blankets and slowly drift asleep while reading Alice in wonderland

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☁️🍼 Soft Little 🍼☁️

♡ Perpetually surrounded by a pile of stuffies

♡ They need to be tucked in and read a bedtime story in order to go to sleep

♡ Dresses for comfort and cuteness in that order

♡ (Lots of onesies and soft baggy sweaters)

♡ Watches their favorite little movie over and over again because it makes them feel safe

💗🍼 Cutesy Little 🍼💗

♡ Pastel colors, lace, and thigh highs

♡ Goes to the “little sections” everytime they shop

♡ Their outfits look like something out of a lolita/kidcore/fairy kei fashion magazine

♡ Squeals and makes lots of other cute little noises

♡ Goes to build-a-bear workshop whenever they save up enough money

♡ Is constantly giving too-tight hugs

♡ Has their stuffies organized on top of their bed during the day

☠️🍼 Spooky Little 🍼☠️

♡ Halloween is their favorite holliday

♡ Loves horror movies/games

♡ Their favorite Disney character is a villain

♡ Definitely has or wants at least one bat stuffie

♡ Goth/alt af

⚡️🍼 Hyper Little 🍼⚡️

♡ Can’t sit without kicking their legs

♡ Runs around with their shoes untied because they can’t be bothered to stop

♡ Is literally never tired

♡ Pacies and teethers don’t stand a chance

♡ Their favorite part of the playground is all of it

🙈🍼 Shy Little 🍼🙈

♡ Hides behind their cg in public

♡ Hides from their cg behind their stuffies

♡ Communicates through vauge gestures and noises

♡ If you give them your hand, they will not let go

♡ Permanent case of the blushies

♡ Scared of crowds and loud noises

♡ Carries a comfort object with them at all times

🎨🍼 Artsy Little 🍼🎨

♡ Colors morning, noon, and night

♡ Has paint stains on most of their little clothes

♡ Their cg’s fridge is constantly running out of room

♡ Trying to get them to choose what comes off the fridge is impossible

♡ If you leave them alone with pens or markers, their hands will be drawn on by the time you get back

🎶🍼 Musical Little 🍼🎶

♡ Constantly humming

♡ Sings along to every song they know

♡ (And some they don’t)

♡ If you leave them alone, they will eventually start singing everything they do out loud

🌿🍼 Nature-Lover Little 🍼🌿

♡ Loves being outdoors

♡ Stops while walking to point out plants they like

♡ Has probably tried some form of vegetarianism

♡ Buggies are to be cactched and released outside, not stepped on

♡ If there is a puppy or a kitty on the street, they will be pet

Things to do when you want to feel little, but can’t:

🎠 Drink juice from a bottle or sippy cup!

🎠 Try doing your favorite little activities! (Such as coloring, watching cartoons, etc.)

🎠 Dress in your favorite little outfit!

🎠 Play with your stuffies!

🎠 Gather up all of your stuffies around you! 

🎠 Make a fort with lots of blankies!

🎠 Snuggle with your favorite stuffies, and or a blankie!

🎠 Call your caregiver if they are away!

🎠 Make little foods! (Such as chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, etc.)

🎠 Snuggle with your caregiver!

🎠 Have your caregiver give you a bubble bath, or take one by yourself if they aren’t around/ don’t have one!