sfw girl

Little Artist 💚🖍⭐️
  • Me: does a drawing
  • CG: *peeks over to look at it*
  • CG: OH WOW !! That is the best thing I have ever seen! I'm so proud of you my little artist, this is going on the fridge!! What a clever little one *squishes cheeks* well done baby!! *showers in kisses*
  • Me: *gasp* i... i got the praise
  • Me: *collapses into biggest goofiest grin & uncontrollable giggles*
  • Me: it's just a little drawing *hold self proudly*
  • Me: *skips around happily for rest of the day, tells my teddies all about it & can't stop smiling*
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Looking for friends! I am silly, weird, caring, affectonate, good at advice, bubbly, and random!

I love reading, horror movies, disney, painting my nails, and more!

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