3 Signs Your Little Feels Ignored

Little Space is a confusing, sometimes chaotic place to be, mentally speaking. And it means that sometimes things you might recognize and be able to better verbalize when NOT in that headspace are sometimes more confusing, more of a general feeling instead of something you know how to say. As a result, here are some signs your little might be giving you that should help you understand or be aware that they might feel like they’re neglected, or at least that you aren’t engaging them in ‘little space’ and are just sort of ‘along for the ride’ (like when they want you to treat them little and you tell them ‘ok’ or something equally non-committal) 

  1. They whine without obvious reason
    It might sound like a whine, or generally unhappy sound, or it might be very specific to something you’ve heard before. Whatever the case, random, unexplained and poorly misunderstood whining is a good thing to note.
  2. They want your attention, but seem angry or sad when they get it
    Usually a sign that they don’t feel you’re interacting properly, this almost always coincides with unexpected tantrums and general frustration. And it’s actually pretty reasonable…
    Imagine that you showed someone a thing REALLY important to you…your favorite movie, with favorite actor, while doing your favorite hobby/activity…and imagine they were texting and nodding and simply saying “OK” the whole time. That’s how this feels. And NOW you know why it upsets most littles. Probably almost ALL animals.
  3. They go distant
    The thing is…most caregivers are intense, hard-working people with a LOT of love to give. And they’re STILL less loving and affectionate than most littles. So when your little suddenly changes, stops calling, texting, chatting, skyping, or cuddling…you either f***ed the heck up in some very specific way, or they feel ignored and no longer believe it matters. It’s ALSO completely possible they’re depressed, anxious, sad, tired, or just low on emotional/physical energy…but it’s always important to figure it out when someone (particularly your little) changes in personality and focus quickly or suddenly

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You were the head on the nail to get me to fall deep in love with Maxwil shipping. I've known about this shipping for years now, mainly supporting Willowson; but you sparked me to absolutely ADORE and WORSHIP these dorky beans as a couple <33 your artwork is just breath taking and I revisit to stare at it for the longest of times ///// ❤️ smooches page

Haha thank you! I can understand if ppl dont like it and I’m happy you gave them a chance! <3 Thanks for this and have a good day! ^^

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so i dont know if it would be like a reaction or what but yesterday I was building furniture and all I could think of between yelling at my brother and dropping stuff was what would bts do if they had to build ikea and yeah food for thought?

Namjoon would be good at reading directions, but don’t give him anything because he will drop it and it will break and you will both regret spending 200 bucks on this unfinished shelf.

Yoongi seems like the type to hate things like this, he’d literally offer Jungkook some pizza or something to do it for him. You could try and be like ‘Yoongi, this is a couples thing let’s do it together’ and he’d be like ‘Babe, in the forty odd minutes it takes you and Jungkook to do this, you two can pretend you’re dating. I won’t consider it cheating’.

Jin seems crafty so you guys would get the furniture built but Jin would want to spice it up a little, like yes these white shelves are nice but let’s paint them! You two would find yourselves going from one trip to ikea and the next trip to home depot.

Hoseok would study the instructions, convince himself and you he knows what he’s doing, pick something up, put it in the wrong place and only figure out by the end that oh……….you guys did this completely wrong and this shelf is going to break in three, two, one - there it goes.

Jimin is such a sweetheart he’d want to sit next to you and have you both read the instructions and then he’d want to be the perfect boyfriend by letting you read them outloud while he builds the furniture and it’d be this cute lil domestic experience and by the end Jimin would be like “You did such a good job!!!” kiss you a billion times even though……he built the thing himself…….

Taehyung loses the instructions and convinces you that you guys don’t need this desk, you need a boat. He’s gonna make a mini boat. He doesn’t know where the screwdriver is, do you guys even own a screwdriver? Taehyung thinks super glue will work, you do not agree.

Jungkook builds the furniture without sparing one glance at the instructions and he does it perfectly. He probably sets a world record for ‘fastest ikea cabinet ever built’. You get kind of concerned when Jungkook says you should go to ikea again two weeks later because he wants to build something again. You suggest you buy him a cool lego set. Jungkook actually gets really hype. 

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hello omg, i know you must be swamped w requests and stuff and i'm sorry to bother you but!!!!! the snapchat headcanons were so cute im fucking dead aaaa. would you writing some for oikawa, kageyama and hinata please? thank you, lana!! ur super lovely!

Aw, thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked them because I really enjoyed writing them. <3

Oikawa Tooru:

  • Sends you hundreds of selfies with snapchat filters, but you can’t really be mad because he looks so good??? 
  • He always asks you which filter looks better on him before he adds them to his story, but that’s not even a question because he always looks good.
  • At least once a day there’s a video of him messing with Iwaizumi before getting slapped in the head with a volleyball. It  may not have been fun for him, but it was entertaining for you.
  • When he leaves for a training camp our out-of-town game, he always sends you a pouty face with a caption that says, “Missing you”. He’s just cute like that.
  • On another note, he loves fluster you with the app. Sending you pictures without shirts on and risque poses will do the trick. What, no you didn’t screenshot all of them.

Kageyama Tobio:

  • Kags, why is it so hard for you to keep your damn hand steady when taking a picture??? You’d be cute but I can’t tell because it’s blurry af.
  • Will send you selfies on occasion only because you asked, otherwise he wouldn’t. It’s just that he feels awkward when taking a picture of himself.
  • Thought he was taking a picture when Hinata popped up in the background to photobomb the picture. Turns out it was a video because his face instantly morphs into a raging monster while he calls the red-head a dumbass.
  • There was one time where you used the dog filter with him and he thought it was the cutest thing ever. It’s now his lock screen. <3
  • If you send him a picture with your hand forming half of a heart shape, he’ll send the other half, but he’ll be blushing. He can’t handle your cuteness.

Hinata Shoyou:

  • Snapchats you all day long! His story ends up being really long and takes forever to load, but it’s pretty entertain to watch. Especially during volleyball practice when the team acts a fool.
  • Likes to send you good morning/night snaps like “Morning sunshine! Make sure to eat a good breakfast!” or “Good night. Don’t stay up too late.”
  • That being said though, he’s the one who snaps you at three in the morning??? Like tf Hinata, why are you up? The sun doesn’t rise until 8 am???
  • Sometimes when he pisses off Kageyama, he’ll record himself while he’s running away from the setter while being all melodramatic and saying, “____, I just wanted to say if I don’t make it out of this alive, I love you.” He’s such a dork.