{Special} College!AU JB
  • major: ancient history 
  • minor: latin 
  • sports: men’s lacrosse 
  • clubs: latin tutoring, classic film club
  •  looks cold an unapproachable because he’s always reading an intimidating looking book about the history of ancient greece and like he’s known as the hot older classman who can understand and speak latin fluently and apparently even a bit of Spanish?? And everyone whose ever had a class with him rants about how smart he is and how scary it is because how the hell does he know,,,,,,,,,,,,everything
  • jb in reality isn’t cold and he’s always reading because that’s his major: to read and learn about the ancient world
  • his friend youngjae tried to explain it to jb that like jb just knows all this stuff normal people probably don’t even comprehend and jb just frowns like “understanding the roots of modern day politics and society all stem from learning about ancient empires-“ and youngjae is like “see! when you talk like that it’s scary…….”
  • jb was still like ???? because to him knowing random dates and historical events that defined the renaissance is like casual small talk but apparently that isn’t true to everyone else (which is a shock to him, amazingly)
  • but aside from people not wanting to approach him because of his demeanor there’s also the fact that he’s Hot and the entire campus knows it
  • like he’s super smart, sophisticated, and also……handsome beyond words
  • the whole silk black button down shirt unbuttoned at the top and slim framed glasses + one long earring and simple silver rings that he wears he like 
  • looks like he came off the pages of a high class fashion magazine not…….the campus library………..
  • but yet you become acquainted with him through kind of uncomfortable circumstance see you’re sitting, minding your own business probably sobbing silently to yourself about an upcoming project in the quiet study part of the library 
  • when suddenly this person keeps trying to grab your attention
  • and when you look up you can only roll your eyes because it’s the gross dude that’s been chasing after you since you set foot onto campus like he saw you at orientation and tried to get your number blah blah and like you’ve turned him down countless times but he like Does Not Get It and it’s annoying
  • and like you really don’t need this now when you’re stressed enough as it is
  • so you’re like “please, go away.”
  • but ofc this douchebag doesn’t listen and keeps trying to whisper something at you and like suddenly he starts saying really…….Creepy things and honestly you’re getting scared
  • and like you don’t want to cause a scene because you’re in the silent study room and like already some students are throwing you glares because the dudes being loud
  • but also you don’t want to get up and leave because he’ll just follow you and soon enough you feel like crying a bit because now he’s like moved to sit beside you and you’re like leaning away in your chair, so much so that an inch more and you’ll fall out
  • and like you seriously can’t believe this is happening to you right now when suddenly you hear an unfamiliar voice go “come here.” and like you look up to see this tall, striking student standing in front of you
  • in one hand he has a copy of “The Rise and Decline of Macedonia” and he’s got this piercing stare that basically makes the creep that was bothering you jump up in his seat 
  • and for a second you’re like ,,,,he’s not talking to me is he?? but the boy just motions to you to get up and you’re like
  • my mom taught me not to trust strangers but trusting this (very handsome) stranger seems 100% better than staying with this creep who just won’t let up
  • so you like gather your things and stand but then the creep like grabs your arm and you wanna wrench it away but mysterious hot boy who is your savior now i guess literally puts his hand on the creeps arm and he’s like “ i will break every bone in your body if you don’t let go of them right now.”
  • and the creep like huffs like “yEAh right like you co-”
  • and the boy leans closer and he’s like “i know medieval torture techniques, wanna test me?”
  • and in that moment you swear you’ve never seen anyone look as terrified as the creep who wouldn’t leave you alone and he literally like melts into a puddle of fear while the mysterious boy just straightens up, takes your hand, and walks you out of there like nothing just happened
  • and outside you’re like “um- um tha-thank you i - um your name?” 
  • and he doesn’t look back, just tugs you along the campus and answer in this low voice; “jb.”
  • and you’re like “thank you jb, but um where are you takin-”
  • and he turns around all of a sudden, so fast you practically walk right into his back and he’s like “that creep, he’s been bothering you for a long time right?” and you shift back and forth and you’re like “yeah, but it’s ok-”
  • but jb like clicks his tongue like “is it ok? because it don’t look ok back in the library. if i wasn’t there would you have been able to do anything?” and you’re kinda like at a loss for words because like yeah you wanna be like of course!! i can fend for myself!! but at the same time in that moment when you were being harassed you’d frozen up and like if jb hadn’t put an end to it-
  • but you like look away and jb kind of sense he wnet to far with his tone and he’s like “im sorry. it’s just, ive seen him bothering you before. i have lacrosse campus outside of the english department and i see you come out and he’s always hanging around you and it annoys me because i can see you don’t like it.”
  • and you kinda like you’re like ,,,that’s true but also your heart kinda skips because like has ??? he been like watching you??? someone as handsome as him……….is this a dream
  • but you shake it off and you’re like “i don’t like it, and ive reported it but no one does anything so i just put up with it.” and jb frowns and you kind of try to force out a laugh because you don’t want him to worry
  • but jb is like out of the blue like “how about this - how about i walk you from class now on?”
  • and you’re like ?@??@!? wHA ??? and jb looks dead serious he’s like “no really, that asshole irks me the way he won’t lay off and i really think the only approach left is for someone to be there to scare him off.”
  • and like you agree, but you’re also like “jb i just met you, we aren’t even friends, what would make you want to do such a big favor like that for me?”
  • and jb just clams up a little and like you swear you see some pinkness in his cheeks or soMETHINg and jb is like !!!!!!! “ i just…..i just…….my friend junior is an ethics major and he’s always going on about how wrong the world is and seeing that creep think he’s entitled to keep bothering you like it got me thinking that i could at least maybe help stop that-”
  • and he’s rambling now and his dark, stern cold eyes are darting back and forth in cute embarrassment and you’re like ,,,,, wELL if you INSIST 
  • and that’s how you get hot, aloof mysterious ancient history major jb to kinda be like your bodyguard
  • and you tell him that your class ends at like 6:00 tomorrow and he’s like ill be there and you say your goodbyes and when you’re like in your dorm your roommate’s like so whats up
  • and you’re like “do you know a guy named jb?” and your roommate’s eyes widen like “oF COURSE I KNOW JB he’s in my archaeology of rome class and he’s sOOOooOO dreamy!!! WHY??” and you kind sink into your blankets like “…..he’s offering to walk me from my classes……” and your roommate close to like jumpS on you like WHAT TELL ME THE DETAILS 
  • and so like you go to your class with butterflies in your stomach and you’re like @ yourself like calm!!! down!!! this doesn’t mean anything jb is just a nice person
  • and when the time reaches 6 you shyly like wait outside on the corner near the building and you look up from your book to see jb there and instead of his usual jeans, button down shirt and glasses he’s got his lacrosse uniform on and his sweaty hair is in his face and he’s like “hey, sorry i just came from practice. is that creep around?” and you’re like sohidgdvjfla jkjkjk you’re like “nO!!! haven’t seen him!!” and jb smiles and you’re like holy shit am i looking at god
  • and he smiles and like a group of girls off to the side probably start screaming and you’re like ??? and jb’s like “they’re always there. idk how to get rid of them.” and you’re like omg jb you have a fanclub and he’s like what no way and you’re like smile. and he’s like what and you reach up to like pinch his cheek and be like smile!! and jb kinda reddens and you’re also like oh - oh my god im sorry i didn’t - i - and jb’s like no no it’s ……ok 
  • and you two shyly like look down and the fanclub is probably like seething but whatever this is you and jb’s au moving on
  • and so jb picks you up from class for the rest of the week and everytime all your friends gather at a distance to gwack at him and you’re like guys dont!! but they’re like DUDE YOU GOT THE MOST UNATTAINABLE GUY ON CAMPUS TO bASICalLY PROTECT YOU and you’re like ahdf SHHHH
    and each time jb just becomes more and more handsome like once he was early and was just leaning against the wall with earphones in, sipping an iced coffee and he looked like a movie star you couldn’t believe he was a real person
  • and then the youngjae accident happens
  • as in jb comes to pick you up and next to him is this smiling cute boy that excitedly introduces himself as “jb’s bestest best friend” and his name is youngjae and like before you get to your dorm youngjae is like “hey, let’s all go out to eat!! mark and jackson texted me that they’re already at our usual place, what you say?” and he’s like leaning over to you and you’re like ??? you’re inviting me and he’s like oF COUrse silly, let’s go!!! and you’re like UM and jb is like yOUNGJAE I SWEAR
  • but somEHOW you end up eating dinner and you meet the rest of jb’s friends who are all much more colorful and loud minus the english major mark who sticks to just eating the whole time LOL
  • but as you’re going back to the campus, and mark is trying to carry a tipsy jackson on his back and jb is apologizing to you for his friends youngjae is like
  • “hey, jb you should invite your significant other more often!! they’re so cute and funny!!” 
  • and you and jb are like : SIGNIFICANT OTHER????
  • and youngjae’s like yEAH ive never seen jb so in love with someone and you’re like WHAgjsedfw and jb is like youngjae. you’re dead. im gonna smother you in your sleep. say goodbye- and probably starts chanting some curse in latin
  • but not the point
  • after what youngjae says jb actually finally gets the guts to ask you out on a real date, like you know after he picks you up from class
  • and it’s cute you guys go to a museum screening of a  documentary on rome and jb chats excitedly about it and you might not know half the terms he’s using but seeing him smile so much literally melts your heart into 23124 pieces
  • and after that well you know ITS HISTORY (i couldn’t resist)
  • you still get walked from class by jb except this time he gives you greeting kisses and like you have his hands around your waist while you two walk
  • and the entire campus is up in flames over you two
  • but you and jb just like enjoy each others company
  • and jb gets into the habit of comparing you to beautiful art pieces from the past and you’re like oh my god and i swear jb probably refereed to you as like an ethereal being once to youngjae and like youngjae never lets him live it down
  • at the campus Halloween party yall went as a mythical couple flower crowns, togas, you know all of it and it was literally the cutest couple costume ever (you guys made the college newspaper)
  • and jb loves just having you listen to him study latin out loud and you compliment how beautiful he sounds and he’s like what no;;;; and you’re like “jb you sound like a young scholar from the past” and he’s like aG?hfkow but he loves the praise. he loves it
  • jackson: “cupid really got you jb, didn’t he???” 
  • jb: “jackson you have three seconds to run.”
  • you and jb staying in to watch old movies but also jb takes you out dancing to one of the clubs in town and boYYYY  does he know how to GRINDDDD 
  • you and jb plan a study abroad to greece because it’s been his dream since he entered college and im not saying anything but you two + a hotel balcony + some wine + you know where im going with this 
  • jb getting you roses the morning after and also sneaking past the teacher whose supposed to be on guard duty LOL
  • but yes you and jb just cuddle together and you’re always in his lap with your hands around his neck, he loves when you kiss up his jawline
  • and that creep? the one that was bothering you from before? well one look at jb and he RUNS the opposite direction at the speed of light
  • and not even jb, the rest of college!got7 like corners him one day and is like: if you touch the love of jb’s life of jb - we will make sure to end you.
  • in conclusion: you and jb sharing eskimo kisses as mark makes a gagging face in the background GOODNIGHT 

My portion of the art trade for: @gowithoutsleep who had requested for some fluffy honeymustard.

Stretch and Red had been chillin’ and watchin’ some Napstaton, but after a while of lying down… Stretch’s little grump decided to pass out within his boyfriend’s arms. Cuz why the hell not? ♡

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Your angst is golden Lana- as such I wanna request the demigod au with Tsukishima trying to get close to the reader who's a daughter of hades. She loves him from a distance but she /knows/ he'll die if they decide to interact more and after Tsukki confesses she tells him about what will happen if he chooses that path.

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy my angst. It made me so sad to write this, and it even brought me to tears. Hope you enjoy!

-Admin Lana

There was no shortage of tales derived from love that ended tragically, demigods were familiar with the affairs of the Gods and Goddesses. They served as a lesson for them, learn from the mistakes of their parents in order to not travel the path of the less desired. Tsukishima wasn’t one to rely solely on the string of fate, preferring to mold his destiny with the palms of his hands. While it was a preference of his father to pair with someone who was more suited to his traits, the blonde found himself enamored with a daughter of Hades, death itself. You possessed an air of elegance and mysteriousness that only seemed to pull him in when in fact you were attempting to distance herself.

It proved difficult to love a being who you could never hope to have, heart filled with anguish and despair at the thought. You loathed the days where you’d walk around camp, jovial couples sporting identical smiles, wrapped in each other’s embrace. No one knew what the consequences were of entering a relationship with a child of Hades, mostly because none lived to tell the tale. However you knew well enough, your father having been quick to war you once you began to show interest in the blonde demigod. 

The day was beginning its descent into dusk, skylines painted rustic and undertones of plum. To your surprise it was serene, the boisterous laughter of the others had long retreated into the dining hall seeing as how most of them had recently returned from a mission. Which must mean-

”It’s a surprise to see you here considering that this is my domain. I thought you were trying to avoid me, not seek me out.” A low voice rang out and you swore that the blood running through your veins went cold. You should have known he’d turn up by the sea sooner or later. Perhaps you really did want ti see him.

”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude.” The apology wasn’t heartfelt though. Stepping back slightly, you moved to walk around him, but his arm suddenly shot out in front of the path. Instinctively you put distance in between yourselves, careful to not touch him.

”Help me to understand ______, because I can’t seem to figure you out.” Tsukishima muttered, eyes narrowed to slits, but the expression he wore didn’t convey that of anger. More like sadness. “You can’t look at me in the eyes and tell me that you don’t have feelings for me.”

The truth in his words was like a blight that stung you. You wished to the heavens that you could be the one to make him smile, hold hands, or be the one he could confide in, but fate would not allow that. 

You breathed out a long sigh. “I’m not going to lie to you. Yes, I do have strong feelings for you, but it wouldn’t work out between us.”

The male stepped closer, golden eyes flashing blue for a moment before returning to their original state. “Whatever it is that’s holding you back can be fixed. We can pull through it together.” And for the first time, you were able to glimpse past the cold exterior his displayed to the softer side that cared only for you.

It wasn’t fair. Not to him or you.

“Kei, you don’t understand.  If you were to continue this relationship with me, you’d die.” The words died on your lips, and you could feel the sting of tears at the back of your eyes.

The silence in the air was thick and heavy, neither of you knowing what to say. An unreadable expression was plastered to Tsukishima’s face as the reality of your statement registered. His hands clenched into tight fists, a rush of anger coursing along his body. The waves grew unsettling for a moment before calming, the demigod, reeling in his loss of control.

“I don’t care.” His reasoning as to why he’d throw away his life to be with you was beyond any logical thought process. Tsukishima had a large selection of people to fall in love with and yet you were still his priority, even when eternal sleep was the price.

“But what if I don’t want you to? I wouldn’t want you to throw everything away for me!”

“It’s my decision to make not yours. My mind has been made up.” Poseidon’s children were stubborn as hell. There was nothing you could say to convince him to let you go. Tsukishima came closer, more than he had ever been since knowing you. You could see the intricate details that made up his body. There were the small slits in his neck which were the gills, a mole dotting his chest here and there. His tall frame was warm, soothing the frigid skin along your body. To you, he was gorgeous, but you didn’t want it to be taken from you so soon.

“Can I kiss you?” He whispered, lips just inches from your own as you nodded mutely. The tears threatened to spill as his mouth covered yours in a tender kiss, all the unspoken emotions being poured out through tender action. His hands slipped around your waist, wanting to feel you as close to him as possible.

The seams of your heart tugged violently as you felt a faint feeling, his life source quickly being drained with each touch he gave you. None of this felt right, but you had to be reminded that this is what he wanted. If he desired to be in your arms with his last breath, so be it. You’d do anything for him.

“Kei,” you called out softly, fingertips brushing his cheeks in a gentle manner. Tsukishima was paler than before, golden eyes beginning to fade into a duller shade. To have the man you fell for dying right before your eyes was indescribable, pain couldn’t even begin to describe the emotions tearing through you. “I lo-love you, and I regret not telling you sooner.

A smirk tugged at his lips, one you grew to love over the months from a distance. “Now is not the time for regrets. I’m just glad I could finally do this.” His breathing was shallower now.

Your hands intertwined with his as you sunk to the ground, pulling him with you until his large frame was resting in your arms. “It’s okay to let go now. I’ll make sure you’re granted passage to the Underworld.” Gods, this was worse than death itself.

“I hope your father approves of me.”

A wry bought of laughter bubbled from your throat in an attempt to keep from sobbing, Quickly you wiped your tears, not wanting his last memory to be of you crying. “He already does.”

The faint light dissipated quickly, and you knew with a heavy heart that he was gone. Just as he did in life, he retained his beauty, even if he no longer felt warm, and those eyes were now shut. Leaning down, a final kiss was pressed to his lips, a goodbye in hopes that one day you’d see him in the next life.

Jack wants to buy a pawpsicle and nick doesn't want to give him one

Jack was stood behind the corner, prepping himself to confront Nick. Jack and Nick didn’t have the best relationship, mainly due to their connection with Judy. Even though Nick and Judy were already married and Jack didn’t really pose a threat to their relationship, Nick and Jack still never got along. Jack had decided that today was the day that they were going to break the ice. I mean, they couldn’t grudge each other for the rest of their days, right? Jack took a final deep breath, strolling across the corner and into Nicks view. “Heeeey, Slick Nick! How’s it cooking?” He looked brightly up at him, hoping to receive some sort of response.

“….” Nick glared down at him, making Jack feel a little intimidated. “….I’m alright. What’s up with you?”

“I-I’m great!” Jack needed to uplift this conversation. He was already started to pull his collar away from his neck. “Just thought that…maybe…I could buy a pawpsicle from you?” He rummages into his pocket, pulling out two bucks and lifting it up to Nick. “I have the money! Maybe we could get to know each other in the meantime?” He smiled lightly at Nick, unhappy to see he wasn’t getting a smile back.

A small pause followed his words, but eventually Nick chuckled to himself in a way that made Jack feel quite uncomfortable. He displayed a cheeky smirk to Jack and looked across his pawpsicle stand. “Oooo. sorry Jack, seems like we’ve run out~. Maybe come back tomorrow~?”

Jack lowered his eyebrows to Nick, confused. The pawpsicle stand was full, not a single gap to be seen. “…I-I don’t understand. You don’t seem to be fu-”

Nick chuckled again, staring down at Jack with disgust. “Look, you want to know why I’ve run out~?” He leaned down to Jack, making him back off a little from feeling a little threatened. “…You. I don’t like your stupid little ears, I don’t like how you linger around my wife whenever you’re around her, I don’t like your snarky little attitude, I don’t like pretty much every other characteristic you possess. The only thing I can consider tolerable about you is that you live far away, so I don’t have to run into your ugly little face whenever I travel around Zootopia~.” With his rant over, Nick leaned back up, his paw running over the top of his stand. “So in your case, yes. We have run out~. Come back tomorrow~. Or my suggestion….Don’t ever come back. Ever.”

Jack’s eyes stayed wide, feeling hurt and emotionally bullied by this fox. His cheeks grew red as he raised his voice to him: “What’s up with you?! I just want to get to know you! Shit, I know we don’t have the greatest relationship. But that doesn’t mean I can’t at least try to get to break this wall that’s between us! Forget the past! Forget what happened with Judy, because she’s yours now! I don’t care about her like I used to anymore!” Jack was bright red now, but Nick remained neutral in his facial expressions.

Jack sighed, smacking his paw against his face. “…Alright, I’m sorry. I won’t try to get on with you anymore, if that’s what you want.” He starts to walk away from Nick. “I’ll go. Nice knowing you Nick.” He shoved his hands in his pockets and walked past the corner of where he had prepped himself, leaving in a way that he felt like he had wasted his time. He would catch the bus back to his home, maybe grab a sandwich on the way there.


Jack paused in his tracks, leaning his back upwards and turning his head towards the sound. It was Nick, who appeared to be quite upset. “L-Look, I’m sorry. That was harsh of me…” He dragged his paw along the back of his neck, biting his lip a little. “I…I was just holding onto the past too much. I’m n-not very good at letting go of this kind of stuff.” He chuckled once more, smiling in Jack’s direction for the first time since they’ve known each other. “…S-Say, there’s a coffee shop down that road that does great Frappé’s…want to head there?”

Jack considered his offer, smiling a little and nodding his head. “…I’d…I’d like that.”

((Suggested by taylorillustrated))

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I saw the Kuroo x daughter of Ares headcanons, 10/10 good shit👌 But I'm pretty sure I've read that Athena and Ares don't like each other too much, so how would they react when they find out their children are dating?

You’ve read correctly my friend. Ares and Athena have been rivals for thousands of years. It would be a nightmare if their children ever dated. ;)

-Admin Lana

Since the Age of the Gods, it was a well known fact the Goddess of Wisdom and the God of War weren’t friendly allies. The feud ran deep into the family lines, and children from the respective deities were practically forbidden from having any ties to the other family. Due to Athena and Are’s different viewpoints when it cam to honor and war, there was no hope of ever having them in the same room without a dispute breaking out. If they didn’t want anything to do with one another, can you imagine the expression on their faces when they learned that their offspring were in a relationship?

You could feel the heat of hatred burning from your father in waves, the atmosphere would be hostile if you weren’t so used to it already. Ares, in all his thousand years of life, did he fathom that one of his own children would even think to date an Athenian. He made sure that he retold the tale of the Spartans versus Athens in hopes of avoiding this very situation, but alas it was too late.

”What do you mean you’re dating Kuroo? Isn’t that a child of Athena?” The way her name was spit from his lips like venom foreshadowed that he was against any liaisons with the male.

“Dad, I know you have a grudge against Athena, but that doesn’t mean you should take it out on your kids! They are actually really great people.” You tried to reason, but Ares was stubborn and it’d take more than a simple statement to convince him.

“I won’t allow it. Those offspring of hers are nothing but pansys! I doubt he could protect you if the time came.” 

You arched an eyebrow, crossing your arms defiantly. “I’m more than capable of holding my ground. I’m your daughter after all.” Ares knew that well enough, having trained you since you could hold a sword. “But I won’t let you continue to make decisions for me. I love Kuroo and I won’t leave him over a silly feud between our parents.” Your tone was firm and eyes ablaze with a fire of it’s own. Ares knew that once you shifted to this state of mind, he had no choice but to go along.

The god let out a huff, giving you a warning glance. “If he so much as touches you in a way I don’t approve, he’s losing all his fingers.”

Athena’s steps faltered and she turned to look over her shoulder, Kuroo rubbing the back of his neck in a sheepish manner. To say the goddess was shocked was an understatement.

”You’re dating a child of that brute? Sweetheart, I think this was an ill advised decision.” She said, wary over her son’s choices in romantic aspects.

”Mom, ____ is different from her father. Sure she has his temper,but she’s sweet and very open minded. I think you’d like her.” Kuroo sighed, coming to stand alongside the woman as she peered at him, eyes narrowed in thought.

As much as she despised the war god, she was no fool. The wisdom she possessed allowed her to see past the trifle rivalry between herself and Ares. The look of love and admiration in Kuroo’s eyes whenever he spoke of you was evident, and she’d rather fall into a pit than take away her son’s happiness.

“I’m sure she is. You won’t have to worry about my approval, rather Ares. It’s more than likely that he’ll challenge you to a battle for his daughter’s hand.”

He could feel a lump for in his throat at the prospect of fighting a God known for war, but he’d do anything for you.