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Hetalia Reacts to: Their Crush Telling them: "I Love You" plus a Kiss on the Cheek










Belarus: {NEW~!}

Ukraine: {NEW~!}


[At first]

[Then it’d get awkward and he’d be like:]


~The Nordics~








Red Robin and Robin are arguing on my fire escape and Red Hood is sitting next to them and is laughing.
Update: Red Hood asked me if i have chips and now we are sitting togehter on my couch and watching Red Robin and Robin fight. #RedHoodIsANiceGuy #IDon'tKnowWhyTheyAreFightingButIt'sFunny #OnlyInGotham


but when I woke up yesterday and saw that A Certain Person With Whom We Are Aquainted had slimed her way over here I was afeared.  I thought ‘there goes the neighbourhood’…but I have LOVED this past day on here!  It’s like everyone has had THE BEST reaction possible - ignore and celebrate what we’re all here for.  So many amazing pictures, gifs, reblogs, quotes, just dripping with love and positivity has made me feel all warm and snuggly.

*chokes* I love you guys *cries*

dang i love when i turn off a layer and some double exposure comix shit happens. sfunny coz i feel like some ppl don’t understand that with digital drawing, i’m creating exactly the kind of artwork, shapes, tones, pacing, etc i’ve always wanted to make within comics. far more so than my struggles with pen sizes, paper sizes, losing my organic “edge” in the inking process, etc. makes me sad when i feel vague pushback or shunned-ness against it.

in the old days, I definitely lost some of my organic quality inbetween the pencilling and inking phase. with digital, i’m hitting my sweet spot of dynamic, slightly unfinished images, without the need for “ink” polish. it’s weird to say, but digital drawing feels far more “organic” to me than crude, mortal inks on paper do. digital drawing feels far more limitless and immortal.

i like creating images point blank. if i can just WILL graphic images into reality ready for print, i’ll do it. and that’s basically what digital drawing is. and yeah, tradish drawing yields unexpected, welcome results sometimes– but so does digital drawing. case in point; fun double exposure shit like this!!!


Dream Skills 

So Sam’s newest Gold Derby interview - dropping another truth-bomb on the monkey narrative that he and Caitriona never hang out together outside of work or the show.  ‘Sfunny, really.  And amazing what you learn when you actually listen to the people involved in the story you are attempting to make happen.  But the truth and THE TRUTH seem to be two very very different things and never the twain shall meet.