Louis avoiding the Birds & the Bees discussion.

I love this fanart. It’s by hw_campbell_jnr. It probably takes place in a previous time that Claudia inquired on the subject, in a much more innocent way, not trying to attack Louis as she does in the scene below.

Louis de Pointe du Lac, Interview with the Vampire (Part 3, Ch.1):

“‘I was a sorcerer’s apprentice only!’ I burst out suddenly, despite myself.'Apprentice!’ I said. …

"Again she smiled, and then she drew my hand into her lap and covered it as best she could with her own.'Apprentice, yes,’ she laughed.'But tell me one thing, one thing from that lofty height. What was it like… making love?’

”…'You don’t remember?’ she asked with perfect calm, as I put my hand on the brass door handle.

“I stopped, feeling her eyes on my back, ashamed, …

”'It was something hurried,’ I said, trying now to meet her eyes. How perfectly, coldly blue they were. How earnest.'And… it was seldom savored… something acute that was quickly lost. I think that it was the pale shadow of killing.’

“'Ahhh… ’ she said.'Like hurting you as I do now… that is also the pale shadow of killing.’

” 'Yes, madam,’ I said to her.'I am inclined to believe that is correct.’ And bowing swiftly, I bade her good-night.“

Did he say that so as not to hurt her feelings, since she can never experience it? Or because he actually felt that way about sex?

Also, look at her logic… if sex is the "pale shadow of killing,” and she’s also gotten him to agree that her line of questioning “hurting you as I do now… that is also the pale shadow of killing.’" 

She’s basically gotten him to admit that she’s actually experiencing it, as closely as possible, hurting him this way is the equivalent to fucking w/ him. *cries for Louis*

The Waiting Room by hw-campbell-jnr

Once the pen is dipped it just wants to make pictures. I’m not responsible for what happens. Though it’s worth noting that Bella sees the same therapist as these guys. He specializes in vampires after all. And Bella has problems. Mostly with self-esteem.

This artist is so intellectually stimulating, plus, her drawing style is very classy, the faces are so expressive. I’m prescribing Therapy with the Vampire.

“A real life quote from my friend Lauren.” by hw_campbell_jnr.

Marius, on choosing companions, makes the point that appearance is just one of several factors in the decision. From The Vampire Lestat (Part VII, ch. 13)

“Whatever will happen will happen, but choose your companions with care. Choose them because you like to look at them and you like the sound of their voices, and they have profound secrets in them that you wish to know. In other words, choose them because you love them. Otherwise you will not be able to bear their company for very long.”