How SFU and First Nations Keep Endangered Languages Alive
Technology and collaboration lead to learning apps for at-risk Indigenous languages.

A group of Haida elders in their nineties gathered around a microphone on Lucy Bell’s dining room table. Every Haida word they spoke into it was another word recorded for future generations.

It was a touching experience for Bell. Her grandmother spoke Haida, a language also known as Xaad Kil and X̱aaydaa Kil when she was young.

“Many in my generation grew up hearing it but not speaking it, and knowing how precious it was to learn it,” said Bell, now 45 and co-ordinator at Haida Gwaii’s Xaad Kihlga Hl Suu.u Society of language. She learned Haida as an adult.

Indigenous languages in Canada are declining as elder native speakers die. Not long after Bell made the Haida recordings, two of the elders who participated passed away.

The language project that Bell is a part of began in 2013. The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada awarded a $2.5-million partnership grant to Simon Fraser University’s First Nations Language Centre. The money supports a seven-year project to preserve and revitalize the languages of 22 First Nations groups in British Columbia and Yukon, with technology playing a large role.

The language recordings that Bell and others produced are more than simple records; they’re part of interactive lessons for web and mobile apps. Bell’s dream is that the new tools will help teach Indigenous youth their languages as early as possible.

“We’re at a watershed moment,” said Marianne Ignace, director of the First Nations Language Centre. “Many languages only have a handful or even fewer elderly people who were raised speaking those Indigenous languages in the home, and once that generation is gone, that’s kind of it.”

There’s also the history of residential schools that “literally beat the language out of First Nations children,” Ignace said.

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Call for Cover Art

Hi Friends!

The writing program I’m currently attending is producing an annual anthology and is doing an open call for cover art. If any of you are up and coming illustrators looking for a chance to show your work, this is a great opportunity.

Check out the details below :)


The Writer’s Studio, in Simon Fraser University’s Creative Writing program, is currently holding an open Call for Cover Art. The cover artist they choose will get their artwork on the cover and receive two copies of the anthology. Here are some of the details:

§ emerge 16 is a student anthology from The Writer’s Studio (TWS), SFU’s Creative Writing program; the anthology launches in October, 2016

§ Open call for Cover Art, seeking art that considers the theme: “places where stories come from.” Variations on theme, including creative interpretations of broader themes such as “emerging” or “discovery,“ are encouraged

§ Deadline: noon, July 20th

§ Please email submissions to: emergecoverart@gmail.com

§ The image should have the highest dpi possible, the minimum size being 400 dpi, in TIFF or JPEG file format

§ More details are at https://emergetws.wordpress.com/cover/call-for-cover-art/