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Hi! You are the author of "Softly from the Sky," right? I absolutely loved your story. It was well written and interesting. However, it also broke me. As a result, I would like to respectfully make a request: would it be alright for me to write a single chapter epilogue to it? I did that for the fic "Smile for the Stars" with the authors permission and it made me not hurt as much anymore. I will of course respect your wishes if you say no, but I would really like to do this.

Omg!!! Of course!!! I would love to read it when you’re done too! <33 Go right ahead! 


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@roteli  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I heard you liked my deaf Shiro. 

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Note: In sign language names are personal signs used to uniquely identify someone. Spelling someone’s name out completely is usually used with people who are unfamiliar and therefore you have no personal sign for them.


Tenzin Delek, one of the most prominent Tibetan religious leaders in Chinese custody, has died. Activists from the Tibetan community stood outside the Chinese consulate in New York to demand justice for Tenzin Delek, whose family suspects that the Chinese government murdered him while serving a life prison sentence.

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Shelter From the Storm Prompt

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May I request the abortion scene in SFTS, or perhaps Belle’s thoughts before or after or during the procedure?

Okay, so first off Belle had a medical abortion, not a surgical one. But I did want to talk about the abortion a little it, so here it is. It’s not long, but it’s under a cut for an obvious reason. Takes place between chapters 3 and 4.

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Heyyy guess who finished the epilogue to SFTS!! I’ll be posting it in about an hour and a half or so. I have to go home and do a proof read because I wrote it on my phone.

I hope y'all like toxic levels of fluff, because these two deserved it.

Serenade From The Stars || CrissColfer
  • Chris: had told Will the truth. He was going over to Darren's and they were going to hang out. What he hadn't told Will was that Darren had written a song for him and most likely he was going to be kissing Darren. The best lies had a bit of truth in them, Chris knew. He was going to be doing a whole lot of lying to Will. But it was for Darren and... Chris couldn't help himself. It was easy to forget they weren't exactly together when he talked to him. It was extremely easy to forget everything when Darren was with him. He drove over to Darren's place, excited to be spending some time with him. Perhaps it was this sneaking about that made things more exciting. But Chris knew, if he had the chance, he wouldn't be hiding this. He reminded himself that despite what he wanted, it probably wasn't going to happen any time soon. Reaching Dare's place, Chris hopped out of his car, heading towards the door and pressing the bell. He was way too happy for this, he thought as he smiled to himself.