All right, it’s been a while but I was sitting in math today and was hit by the Hypothesis Fairy right upside the head. I might be pulling at straws, but hear me out.

In light of the recent SearchForTheBlindEye site plot concerning the witch that steals hands, I decided to go take another look at the story. One thing that particularly stood out were the names used in the story.

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i’m feeling so nostalgic about gravity falls

i’m really gonna miss scouring the internet for sites like sftbe and watching youtube videos about how gravity falls is connected to the illuminati. it’s so personal. because it while dipper and mabel are solving the mysteries in the show, you’re solving them in real life by solving ciphers, overanalyzing every single friggin screenshot, and it’s genuinely interactive; you feel like you’re in gravity falls.

i’ve been following this show since 2012. since i was 12 years old. agh i’m gonna miss it so much but it can’t last forever.