i’m feeling so nostalgic about gravity falls

i’m really gonna miss scouring the internet for sites like sftbe and watching youtube videos about how gravity falls is connected to the illuminati. it’s so personal. because it while dipper and mabel are solving the mysteries in the show, you’re solving them in real life by solving ciphers, overanalyzing every single friggin screenshot, and it’s genuinely interactive; you feel like you’re in gravity falls.

i’ve been following this show since 2012. since i was 12 years old. agh i’m gonna miss it so much but it can’t last forever.

anonymous asked:

"The invisible wizard is actually The Author, who was stuck in the Dreamscape" is an interesting theory, for sure, but there's a little problem with it: if The Author was watching over his family all summer, why didn't he contact Dipper during the events of "Sock Opera"? That would be a perfect moment to explain the boy what was going on, or tell a possible Bill's weakness, or give him some instructions etc.

Well, if the theory is true, he watches the family through the eyes of owls, and the attic has no owls, but it has a Bill Eye, which he emerges from in the show. He may or may not physically be there at all times; he’s probably stuck between dimensions but can access the mindscape. There’s a lot on SftBE that alludes to him being in multiple time frames, as well as multiple dimensions “I’VE GONE HERE, THERE, AND EVERYWHERE ACROSS THE UNIVERSE” is the specific quote in mind. There’s also the twin paradox to keep in mind, since the show appears to be utilizing it. The Author looks a fair bit younger than his brother, and that theory explains why.

Also remember the Author has a physical body in the mindscape; he’s not metaphysical and such like Dipper was or Bill is. He’d have to you know… walk  to places and travel to see things and probably is limited by his physical form. He’s not Bill; he’s not omnipotent or all-powerful. He’s just a guy stuck in a world that he doesn’t mean to be in. He can’t be everywhere at once.

Though speaking of Sock Opera and Mindscape!Author, I will bring up this little gem:



Woah where did that… Rubik’s cube come from? It wasn’t there a second ago and literally materializes out of nowhere when Bill and Dipper enter the mindscape. The Author himself may not have been there at that exact moment… but that doesn’t mean his presence isn’t still possibly hanging around. And for a guy who loves cryptograms, puzzles, riddles and curiosities, I bet Rubik’s cubes were right up his ally. 

I mean, it could also be nothing. But then again, if it was nothing, why would it even be there in the first place? Why not just… not add it in? Makes me think it’s significant somehow, and my bets for now are on the Invisible Wizard keeping himself entertained with popular 70s-80s toys that would have been all the rage when he was in Gravity Falls.

So yeah. No physical appearance of the Author, but maybe one of his toys lying about. Who knows.

remember the searchfortheblindeye flipside reference? 

20 September 2013

flip sidenoun informal
  1. the less important side of a pop single record; the B-side.
    • another aspect or version of something, especially its reverse or its unwanted concomitant.

also this is unrelated but kind of interesting in light of the new lil gid/not-a-website thing 

18 September 2013

it’s the only time a character has been mentioned by name on sftbe

searchfortheblindeye.com has updated

Anyone who’s been following the SftBE knows that on the rare occasion it has something new, it’s usually hidden in the html. The last update the Wiki has on SftBE is from last April, but I noticed it’s updated since:

“something’s coming, something big”

I don’t know how long this has been here and I don’t know if someone has already noticed this before me, but I thought I might as well mention it since it’s not on the Wiki yet.