somajesticdonks-deactivated2016  asked:

how in the world do you draw clouds?????? i must learn

To be honest, I also need a lot of practice on clouds ffjhkjgh but the thing about clouds is that they’re basically just big white fluffy things in the sky and shadow and layering are the main things you have to consider

what I usually do is paint white on a blue background using a solid brush with opacity set to pen pressure and making a slightly bluish white mound of thing

then just paint more white stuff over it (you have to consider where the sun is though)

add a little shadow underneath and 

then add another more

may add two more behind and in front of those two and 

fix it up a little

of course, there are a lot of other kinds of clouds out there and you need to look at a lot of sky photos (or just look at the sky lol) to get a good idea of how clouds should look like and how shadows work on them and such (which shouldn’t be a big problem for you since you take lots of sky photos *thumbs up*)

and a little plug to my Patreon cause all the brushes I use are uploaded and constantly updated there.

Super Miami Rick Fan Morty

Miami Rick: “Yo boy, you belong here, you can bring us some rich custumers. You say that you L  O  V  E all kind of Rick, didn’t you?”
Zero Rick: “Fuck off bitch, stay away from my Morty”
Morty: Oh jeez…