Watch out Waterville!

As I tell people when they ask me what I’m feeling at this momentous time in my life- “It’s bittersweet.” But there is no doubt that there are moments when I am overcome with anticipation of the great things to come next year. How can I not be excited about meeting new people in a new place and learning new things about myself and the world around me? Colby is the perfect fit for my inquisitive nature. I am looking forward to getting involved on & off campus in clubs and activities that appeal to me. I will certainly be playing intramurals- a quintessential part of the college experience and fun, noncompetitive sports that sound like a great way of meeting new people. I plan on continuing running both cross country and track and expect to train much harder and as a result, improve my times greatly. I also hope to be apart of the Colby Cares About Kids (CCAK) initiative, which entails volunteering at local public schools and maybe even the Students for Education Reform (SFRE) organization because it is something I am passionate about. The selective Teach for America program is something that I am aspiring to so I will need to work very hard and develop strong relationships with some of my professors. Academics and extracurriculars aside, I have so much “life learning” & “soul exploration” to do, but I can’t wait! Colby here I come!