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how in the world do you draw clouds?????? i must learn

To be honest, I also need a lot of practice on clouds ffjhkjgh but the thing about clouds is that they’re basically just big white fluffy things in the sky and shadow and layering are the main things you have to consider

what I usually do is paint white on a blue background using a solid brush with opacity set to pen pressure and making a slightly bluish white mound of thing

then just paint more white stuff over it (you have to consider where the sun is though)

add a little shadow underneath and 

then add another more

may add two more behind and in front of those two and 

fix it up a little

of course, there are a lot of other kinds of clouds out there and you need to look at a lot of sky photos (or just look at the sky lol) to get a good idea of how clouds should look like and how shadows work on them and such (which shouldn’t be a big problem for you since you take lots of sky photos *thumbs up*)

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Yes! Ever since the Inkblazers shutdown–and thanks thanks thanks so much to everyone who have expressed their support. I really appreciate them and if it wasn’t for these kind messages, I wouldn’t have been able to get out of this sudden unexpected slump– there have been massive changes and now, I will be changing the title of Hell Kitchen to The Boy Who Fell and will be part of the Hiveworks family. Thanks for having me, guys! 

You can read the comic in the link below:

The site is still only partly finished but you can read all the chapters there already. Hope you like it! >///> 


Lower Hell is separated into seven regions. Scattered across the regions are territories in the form of cities, towns, villages and clans which practice their own form of government. Despite that, they are all under the rule of Lord Devil (who never really does anything to exercise his authority).

Cities and Towns - multiracial (ex. Moska City, Region II)

Villages - generally exclusive to one race (ex. Sal-Eim, Region VII)

Clans - exclusive to one race (ex. Pafhelo Clan, Region VI)

As of Ch. 36, the tournament is situated somewhere underneath Gondotha City, Region III) and will be departing to another city soon.

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Part VII of the Lower Hell Species Collection

Sound Demons

1st Class

Phys   ★

Magic  ★

Def  ★

Speed  ★

Quick on their feet but not the most silent fighters, a sound demon’s every move can create mini-sonic booms in their wake. They can feel and control vibrations in the air and do not need their eyesight to see. Some even covering their eyes as they believe it only hinders their other senses. They use sound waves in battle for offense and also for faster movement. The circles covering their body act as amplifiers (and makeshift thrusters).

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y͎͍̼͕̐̇̆͘n̛̮̞̝̬͛͂͘i̪̬̪̪̾̎̇͋t̘̼͓̲̋̉̀̀s̭͈̜͕͆̓̾͛e̡͉̣͒̀͆̈͜d̞̙̟͔͛̃̿͘ r̡̞̳̓̌̉͘ͅu̙̗͕͙̔̓̑̌ò̯͇̲͍̀̽̌y̧͎̼̟̒̋́͘ r̖̞̜͍̀͋͐̃e̛̬̺̩̠̓̚͠ṭ͎̘͖̄͗̉͠ṅ̢̹̻̗̈́̄͗E n̘̝͕̝̏͛̾͝ȩ̤̩̲̅̂̈́̏r̖͙̖̻̈́̏̊̓d͖̙͕͖̔̆̾͘ĺ͕͓͈̝̔̑͌i͎͎̰͚̇͌̾͠h̡̻̲̘̔̄̓̑ç͚̥̪͂̏̿͠ ,h̨̧̠̜͋̒̽͛t̰͈͎̞̐͛͐͠u̙̤̰̲͌̀̉̈ō̪̼̠̝͛̀̕m̻͉̳̦̂͆̑̍ y̳͖͈̱͐̾͘͝m͎̫̅̾̕̕ͅͅ ṙ͉͍̬̞̈́̎͝e̖͍̫̗̍̌̾̎ţ͕̤̗̎͋͛̿n̼̙̦̂͂̔̈͜E̼̗̹̝͂̐͆̕


Acid rain, when Abel looked up at Cain
We began the weeping and wailing
A hurried high from pestilence pills and pride
It’s a shame, we could have gone sailing
But heaven knows
Heaven knows everything

A sorta remake(?) of an older drawing I did back when the Stan twins were just a theory. Anyway, this song reminded me of the original mystery twins and I’ve always hoped the Stan twin theory would be true. So now that it’s confirmed, here’s a comic to celebrate. YES! (I changed the lyrics a bit btw)

Also, I was thinking. Since this show loves parallels so much, what if the ending of Not What He Seems was another parallel. Two siblings are reunited.. but at the same time, another pair is torn apart?