The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Like a regular anime, but with time travel

So this is the story of a regular Japanese schoolgirl, telling us about her life and her friends. Until one day, she discovers she can leap through time… She can go whenever she wants, it’s quite precise. So, what will she use this ability for ?… Well, to avoid her friend to tell her he wants them to go out, or to help a girl ask out her other friend, or to manage to cook good tempuras. Okay… And then she learns that she had a limited number of time leaps available, and she starts to worry. A bit too late.

Yes, it disappointed me. You may not see the science-fiction yet, but it’s revealed at the end that it was a technological device from the future that allowed her to time leap.
It really is like a basic shojo ; I mean, the girl’s main problems (and use of her ability) is “Should I go with this guy or not ?”. They didn’t use the full potential of her ability (far from that, actually) and thus it doesn’t have a real interest. Luckily, it’s not a silly kind of shojo so it wasn’t unbearable.
There are also some giant plot holes (or things I just didn’t understand ? Given the simplicity of the general story, I hope not), like her aunt telling her that time leaping is an usual ability for girls her age and that she did it herself when she was younger - but she hadn’t any device, so what ? Was she lying, or did the screenwriters changed their story along the movie ? I just don’t know…

[Directed by Mamoru Hosoda]
[Written by Satoko Okudera, based on a novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui]