silverflint meme - 7 scenes

2/7 ⟶ “You know, the strange thing is, I… I should be with Billy. Until most recently, I’m quite certain I would have been. Unbothered by the idea of trading your life for the rest of the crew’s. And yet, for some reason, right now I am bothered by it. But I understand it. I understand the allure of ensuring that no one will ever think you the villain you fear you are. What a waste it seems to me, knowing it doesn’t have to be this way. Knowing the man who talked me into giving a shit about this crew… why, he could talk those people out there into anything. If he wanted to.”


silverflint meme - 1 heartbreaking moment

Of course I love her. I let you try it your way! I did trust you. But I’m through wagering with her life now. If what it takes to secure her release is to turn over the c a c h e, I’m very glad I brought it with us.
We had it. We had it in our hands. This w a r was breathing air, it was alive.


Black Sails IX “Do as I say when I say, or I’ll kill you myself.”

6 quotes + 5 episodes for the Silverflint meme


Black Sails XXI “Why are you telling me all of this?”

6 quotes + 5 episodes for the Silverflint meme

SFMeme: 5 Fic Recs

Here be Dragons by Farasha ( @farashasilver​ )

Eleven years after a feckless young sailor met a shy young lieutenant, James Flint and John Silver are different men than they were. Confronted with each other after all this time, trust may be easier than either one of them expected.

You’ll find a god in every golden cloister by @primal–scream​ (nsfw)

James runs a multi-billion dollar architectural firm with John at his side as his assistant in everything from day to day operation to making sure James goes home at a reasonable hour.

James’s attraction to John pushes him back into a lifestyle he hasn’t participated in for years, imagine his surprise when he finds John at his old dungeon.

married by the ocean by mapped ( @reluming ​)

Flint returns to the sea whence he came, and James? Well, James goes back to Padstow.

orange you glad by @vowel-in-thug

tumblr fics set after “st. augustine is that way”

Lead Me to a Place Called Home by @angrypiratehusbands

After Thomas’ death, James finds himself unable to cope. He spends the majority of his time locked away in Thomas’ study, attempting to drown out the pestering voices of guilt and self loathing. Unfortunately, the only thing he finds at the bottom of the bottle is more despair. And then he meets John Silver.

Silverflint Meme

5 Fic Recs

1) Lightbringer Verse - @jadedbirch

Extract: “I love you. Both of you,” he continued. “I wish I could easily choose to tear either one of you from my heart without it destroying me, but I cannot.”

Straightaway I’m cheating (as this is really SilverFlintHamilton as opposed to just SilverFlint) but this is my go-to fic if I want to read something post series 4 so *shrugs*. The characterisation of Thomas, Flint and Silver is excellent plus it’s funny, heartwarming and just… I love it, okay?

2) Being Worshipped Is A Breeze - @vowel-in-thug

Extract: He’s only a little surprised Silver chose to follow him. It’s not like Silver had many other options, but seeing him here to support Flint, for lack of a better word, only reminds Flint of all the other times Silver has supported him, and he still doesn’t fully understand why.

Okay so The Road to El Dorado was easily my favourite film as a kid so crossing it over with my favourite TV show as an adult? And it being as funny, fascinating and brilliant as one would expect? It has to be on this list. 

3) Leave The Lights On - @natlet

Extract: It doesn’t - feel right - for John to speak, to try to answer or respond to that; like any attempt would be an intrusion, might defile whatever new-found memories Flint is passing through. He wishes he’d had the foresight to do this for Flint and Thomas, instead of for himself. He wonders if they ever talked about it. If Flint ever came to believe it. If Thomas even knew.A lifetime of questions, and he can’t bring himself to ask a single one.

Honestly, what can I say about this fic that hasn’t already been said? It’s just wonderful.

4) Come Dying With Me, Darling - @reluming

Extract: Flint lets go of the brass knob and Silver watches him press a hand against the white wood of the door, as if seeking something to steady himself, and then he’s approaching Silver again, like a ship gliding on water. Such grace, such silence in his movement as fate will never permit Silver now. He stands in front of Silver, and Silver reaches out with both hands, grabs onto the ends of Flint’s sleeves.

To be honest I could have chosen any of this author’s fics and all of them will still have made my top 5 but this put an interesting slant on Silver’s actions in season 4 and your heart will break for him and how broken he really is. You will feel like crying and shaking him and going “UGH WHY SILVER WHY”

(Which tbh I’ve been doing since 4x09/4x10 anyway)

5) We Must Unlearn The Constellations To See The Stars - @jamesbarlow

Extract: Across the room, Flint glances up from where the maps are spread across the desk. His brow is furrowed, but he’s right there in front of him, hair long and curling over his ears. Silver is not prepared for the violent relief that floods his system at the sight, and it’s like all the air has left his lungs, fixed under those green eyes.

Honestly I am a sucker for time travel fics and this one had me laughing and crying and I was genuinely hooked from the very beginning.