SFLCS MBAV with soft armor

-SFLCS Signal pouch 

-SFLCS Frag pouch

-SFLCS Tripple shingle

-SFLCS 1x2 M4 mag pouch

-SFLCS MBITR pouch with Motorola CP200

-SFLCS 100 round SAW “Nut sack” pouch

-SFLCS Flashbang pouch

-SFLCS IFAK with Med shears, gauze, CAT (Tourniquet), burn kit, sting/bite kit, band aids, asprin, Latex free medical gloves

-Replica SFLCS Modular Assault Pack (MAP) soon to be replaced by TSSI M9 Aid Bag

Simply love my new old school Eagle Industries MLCS RAID pack which is was an issued backpack for the Navy SEAL around year 2000.

This pack isn’t made any longer so it also a collectors item and the only thing I’ve today since I sold A LOT of MLCS (Maritime Load Carriage System) gear I hsd back in the day when I use to play airsoft (fun and ol’ times!). Just wanted to tell the story.

Take care everyone!

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