Satellite Flight: Journey to Mother Moon is a bizarre, genre-bending, mind-boggling record from one of the more innovative artists out there at the moment. It’s also an incredibly enjoyable listen from start to finish. The record is filled with these eyebrow-raising instrumentals that really quite take you out of this world and to a whole other planet. The beats orbit around your brain, plummet down your throat and leave you gasping for air. As you try and catch your breath, Cudi bombards you with vociferous dialogue that leaves you surrounded and mesmerized.
Flaws and all, SATELLITE FLIGHT: The journey to Mother Moon stands as one of Kid Cudi’s biggest accomplishments. Rejuvenated. Recreated. Rebooted. Call it what you will. Scott Mescudi made an EP’s worth of material feel like an album, and he did it without surrendering his artistic integrity in the process. If SATELLITE FLIGHT truly is a bridge between Indicud and Man on the Moon III, fans will be in for a treat when the third installment is finally released.