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2: How they feel wearing an uncomfortable outfit. for SFIR

Ianthe is probably the least bothered by wearing uncomfortable clothing. She’s from a fairly wealthy family and had to often attend formal events when growing up so she’s used to wearing formal clothing. Even if she was bothered by it, it wouldn’t really show.

Sotiria and Faolán really aren’t used to wearing formal clothing at all. Both of them are really used to wearing clothing that doesn’t restrict their movement that much and their childhoods rarely had them having to dress up in any kind of formal clothing up until enrolling in Beacon. Faolán is the one more bothered by uncomfortable clothing in general although he really wouldn’t show his discomfort that much. With Sotiria, while she dislikes the movement restrictions with more formal clothing, she’s less bothered by it because she likes how good she looks in them, otherwise she also hates the feeling of having her restricted movement.

Reid is pretty much in the middle as far this goes. While he’s also bothered by restrictive clothing, he’s more used to it than Sotiria and Faolán are since his childhood actually had him dressing up on occasion. That being said, he’d definitely show his discomfort a lot if his clothing was really uncomfortable and would pull at his clothes, unlike Ianthe and Faolán who’d hide it and Sotiria who would just occasionally complain about it.


This one’s for Monty, and for all the folks at @roosterteeth who pressed on to continue living his dream. “Project: Reinforcements” is a joint collaboration with 50 members of the RWBY FNDM and featuring a staggering 172 characters, this is our love letter to RWBY and the legacy of Monty Oum.

The Battle of Beacon struck the world of Remnant much like Monty’s passing struck the community…it was overwhleming, scary and tense. But together, we can prevail. Teams RWBY, JNPR, SSSN, CFVY, FNKY and the others at Beacon Academy might be strong, but sometimes even the strong need help. When that happens, know that Team FNDM has your back!

I will be starting work on this immediately but I ask that you all be patient with me as it will take some time to draw my way through this gauntlet. I’m both excited and terrified.

Without further adieu, here’s the final roster:

1. Team SHDO, created by @team-shdo / @effinjason

2. Team COPR, created by @teamcopr

3. Team SABL, created by @huntsmen-team-sabl

4. Team ASSH, created by @furubatsu & friend

5. Team SCRT, created by @mzt1418

6. Tiatan Drake, created by @akumamika

7. Team AMBR, created by @throne-of-snark

8. Team MGEC, created by @yang-all-the-way

9. Auriel Eclipse of Team JADE, created by @rwby-oc-team-jade

10. Team ZOMP, created by @team-kaze-hunters

11. Team WTER, created by @koukokono

12. Team VALR, created by @nerdycatway

13. Team JAYD, created by @infectitious

14. Bobbi Cy of Team BZTN, created by @absurdpatronus

15. Cooper Hayden, created by @pumpkinsunshine

16. Team GLDN, created by @johnrsoviet

17. Team ORCD, created by @dappercookiexd

18. Team FEAR, created by @noodlerooster

19. Team AMBR, created by @thedorkyguy

20. Team NOVA, created by @teamnova

21. Aubin Schnee, created by @mcbatlovin

22. Team OPAL, created by @ravenkrowawsomeness

23. Team BLCK, created by @lifeisagameweallplay

24. Team ELMT, created by @tokenfemalecharacter

25. Team RAYN, created by @wukongwarrior

26. Team LPYS, created by @popourri

27. Team GOLD, created by @theasgardiandetective

28. Team MNDK, created by @torchsocs

29. Team STDT, created by @animefan247fan4life

30. Team NVMD, created by @straygodess & @pacifistea

31. Team SUGR, created by @spitfirerose

32. Team SGRA, created by @animatedmiles

33. Kali of Team MOKA, created by @silentrosewhip

34. Team MKSI, created by @solarpiggeh

35. Team WITE, created by @alliebc313

36. Team SFIR, created by @team-sfir

37. Team ORCD, created by @teamorcd

38. Team RIFT, created by @xxmr-linkxx

39. Team JASR, created by @digimonfreek

40. Team BETA, created by @threciousgrussel

41. Team KALO, created by @txpimpabutterfly

42. Team SOBA, created by @teamsoba

43. Team CACD, created by @team-cacd

44. Ray Onin of Team SMRI, created by @zephyr-of-the-north

45. Team SOND, created by @teamsond / @jxd-the-kid

46. Libra, created by @stirlingsilverphantom

47. Team WASP, created by @thlix

48. Professor Oran, created by @professororan

49. Team NPLM, created by @azentangle

50. Team HVCS, created by @teamjlhs-teamazur / @jlhsazur-yasomun

There you have it. If we spoke and you find that you are not on the roster, it was because I didn’t get all the information I needed before the deadline struck and I apologize.

I’ve got a lot of work to do but in the meantime, show each other some love and go check out your comrades’ blogs!